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Bathroom Renovations That Don't Cost The Earth

If you are looking for bathroom renovations which meet your needs, including your budget, it’s got to be Gregory Built. We specialise in custom bathrooms tailored to suit your objectives, home, and budget. Whether you want to achieve a modern, classic, or signature style bathroom, you can rely on us to offer what you’re after at a cost which you are comfortable with. For the many years we have been in the business, we have satisfied our clients time and time again, by offering high-quality services at a price that does not cost the Earth.

Our team of local designers has the experience and necessary qualifications to make sure that all work is carried out to top-notch standards and compliant with all building codes set in Australia. As specialists in affordable bathroom renovations, we have come to be known as the industry leaders in affordable bathroom renovations. We have the ability to utilise every inch of the available space to squeeze every ounce of value out of your new creative bathroom.

After discussing your priorities with our renovators, we will seamlessly integrate your ideas into the design for your bathroom renovations. We then give you a full quote, which includes all the renovation costs involved. Since we are the most competitive in Adelaide in terms of price, all our service costs can be tailored to suit your budget. The best place to start is to contact us even if you are working on a small budget.

Complete Bathroom Renovators For Every Budget

We want you to be able to enjoy and get the most out of your bathroom. Our renovations have become popular because we treat all our clients with the same respect and attention, no matter your budget. With Gregory Built, you can get the high-quality bathroom renovations you have always wanted. If you have a modest budget, our renovators have the ability to design your project to fall within your range of affordability. If cost is not a limiting factor for your new bathroom, the sky's the limit in regard to high-end features and the luxury you desire in your bathroom. Regardless of your budget, you can be sure that we shall offer renovation services that add value to your entire home.

Since our team understands all the ins and outs of a bathroom renovation project, the new bathroom we provide is guaranteed to not only improve your home’s value, but also gives you a usable and unique bathroom that you will adore. Gregory Built specialises in free-standing tubs, walk-in showers, shower screens and wall hung vanities that turn your outdated space into an elegant and contemporary environment on a friendly budget. As an accredited bathroom renovations company in Adelaide, we only use the highest quality materials and products. Our durable and timeless bathroom solutions cater to clients of any budget. 

When you visit our virtual showroom, you will be amazed by the affordability of our products and designs. All our products and accessories can be chosen to match the needs of clients with various budgets. We can guide you through the best options for you when choosing accessories that match your budget.  Since we work with the most reputable brands, we are able to offer the highest quality products at the most competitive price. Gregory Built has built a reputation for competitive pricing, which we are happy to pass on to our valued clients time and time again.

We're looking forward to renovating your bathroom next.

Upmarket Homes Deserve Upmarket Bathrooms

Let Gregory Built bring your bathroom to life. We understand that upmarket homes deserve upmarket bathrooms. Our main directive is to ensure we bring you a dream bathroom that you will be content with for years to come. Our designers understand what it takes to transform a tired space in need of attention. From the very beginning of your renovation process until the handover, we ensure that you get a high-end bathroom designed to surpass the highest of expectations.

Because every renovation we begin, upmarket or otherwise, is approached with a high level of professionalism and etiquette, we have the best designers on our team working on each and every project. It is critical that we assure you an unrivalled approach when it comes to craftsmanship while working on your renovation project. We focus on ease of use and spacious design for every luxury bathroom and upmarket home. Our team focuses on providing both elegance and functionality in every bathroom we renovate. We help install all the high-end features you’d expect in an upmarket home, depending on your budget and design needs.

Our designers understand that a high-end design should be unique to your family and home. We can help with personalising your space with different themes, including rustic, contemporary, industrial and modern themes. Dealing directly with our renovators, your upmarket home’s new bathroom will benefit from our ability to provide cost prices which won’t limit your choices when it comes to accessories and products you want and need. When making your selections, our designers assist with fully personalised designs. You can choose from vanities, a wide range of tiles, free-standing baths, and shower screens for your new bathroom. We always guide you in choosing colour schemes and elements which suit your creative ideas and budget.

Achieving the Look You Desire

Our many years of bathroom renovation experience allows us to create grand-scale bathroom designs for all our clients in Adelaide. We are at the forefront of innovation and design technology in the building industry. Complementing our ability to provide premium finishes is our wide range of fittings and fixtures to select from to achieve your dream bathroom. Our team can offer you expert design help with our great bathroom renovation ideas. We offer all our consultations at no cost.

We know exquisite functionality and design, which will make your bathroom a unique place worthy of a space in your home. Our deep understanding of bathroom requirements means we focus on each facet of your bathroom improvement. From planning and choosing the best accessories, to completion and handover of your new bathroom. Advice from our renovator allows you to make informed choices to make your bathroom truly stand out from others in Adelaide.

Your bathroom is the core of happiness in your home. It needs to be designed with the function and form of your entire home in mind. Regardless of whether you have a large or small space to work with, we can help you attain your goals.  Our team ensures that the new bathroom design matches the overall plan and design of the rest of your commercial or residential property. A Gregory Built makeover ensures you end up with an elegant and modern feeling bathroom. Our services give you a sense of assurance, knowing that your bathroom will be enjoyed for many years.

Save On Renovation Costs With Gregory Built

When you work with us, you can be sure that you will never have to spend a fortune. We offer services that can be customised to allow for any budget. Our efficiency in operations not only allows us to save you on labour costs, but also saves you time and inconvenience. Our affordable bathroom accessories will not strain your budget. It’s a given that the cost of renovations will usually depend on the size of your bathroom and the new features you want to be installed. However, when offering renovations at an affordable price, we will never compromise the quality of our work.

Cost Determining Factors

If you are still wondering how much we will charge for your complete bathroom renovations project, it’s best to get in touch.  When you contact us, one of our designers will visit your home to assess and determine the most successful way forward. During the consultation process, our designers listen to your needs and consider every factor before giving you a full quote for the project. Some of the factors we consider during the process include:

Size of Bathroom

Our designers will consider the size of your bathroom to determine the amount to charge. If you have a large bathroom, the amount may be higher than a small bathroom. A larger bathroom generally requires more work. However, if you have a small bathroom that needs extensive redesigning or renovations, it may cost more than a big bathroom that needs minor touches. Our designer will explain all these factors to you when they take the dimensions of your space, taking note of all the structural changes needed during the renovation process. When we build you a new bathroom, the amount of work involved from start to finish will generally determine the cost of renovation.

Structural Changes

During your bathroom renovations, several structural changes may be needed to create your dream bathroom. If your renovations require major structural changes, this will be taken into account. Since we always customise our renovations depending on your budget, you will be surprised to find out how cost-effective our services are. We ensure we budget for ample resources in every renovation. This can include labour, special tooling, and time to complete the project successfully. We assure you that regardless of the size of the renovation, every Gregory Built bathroom represents value for your money.

Quality of Materials

The quality of materials for a project determines bathroom renovation costs in Australia. High-end boutique materials generally cost more than standard materials and accessories. We only use the highest quality materials to ensure durability in all our work. However, we are able to offer more affordable prices since we get all the products from reputable brands selling them at a discounted price. When you get a Gregory Built bathroom, you are guaranteed to get only the highest quality accessories at the best price. All the materials and products used for your project come with a manufacturer's warranty so you can be sure of the highest quality and longest lasting solutions.

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Bathroom Renovations

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