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Benefits Of Adding An Ensuite

In the past, building an ensuite was viewed as a luxury. However, this notion has changed with time, making ensuites a trend today. It is seen as a way to make your home a high-level standard one. Here are some of the highlights of having an ensuite bathroom in your home. They are bound to have you wanting an ensuite in your old house if it lacks one.

Adds Appeal and Value

The most significant benefit of an ensuite is that it adds value to your home. With an ensuite, your home is likely to fetch a higher price in the real estate market in Australia, than it would without one. Potential buyers consider an ensuite a great addition to the property they want to buy. The feature gives your home a competitive edge over other properties listed for sale without one. The ensuite makes it possible to get potential buyers fast. As a result, you save on the marketing costs and get a good return on your investment.

Provides Convenience

An ensuite offers high-level convenience that you otherwise do not enjoy if you live in a house without one. It makes it easy for you to make use of the bathroom whenever the need arises. You do not have to walk out of your bedroom in the morning or in the middle of the night to access the bathroom. You will have the bathroom next to your bedroom, facilitating easy access.

Offers Privacy

Privacy at home is critical, especially where bathrooms and toilets are concerned. If you do not want to share a bathroom with your children or guests, adding an ensuite is an excellent option for you. It offers you the privacy, quietness, and luxury you need. An ensuite bathroom provides you with a place to relax and indulge yourself after a long day of work without any disturbance from your household members.

No More Bathroom Rush

If you have many people in your home, including teenagers or school-going children, and one bathroom, it can be a very busy place. The morning rush as everyone gets a bath can be a nightmare. An ensuite saves you all these hassles as you avoid the morning rush or queues. You no longer have to fret over being rushed as you use the bathroom or having to rush anyone. In addition, you can also keep your nice toiletries without having to constantly worry that they might be used by your kids or visitors.

Future Proofs Your Home

You may not have any children yet, but you may expect them in the future. Building an ensuite helps cater to the increased needs that might arise in the future. No disruptions or inconveniences will occur once the population in your household increases. You will also not be required to perform frequent renovations to cater to increased needs.

Factors To Consider Before Adding An Ensuite

Before you can add an ensuite to your old house, you have to consider several factors to ensure you get it right from the get-go. Here are some critical considerations to make:


The most critical thing to think about is the cost of the ensuite. You should note that the cost of adding an ensuite to your old house varies depending on the specific area, size, and finishes you want to apply. To add an ensuite on a budget, consider building it directly to your existing bathroom on the same floor.

This ensures that you do not have to redirect the plumbing, which is quite costly. The cost is also determined by fittings and fixtures such as a shower, bathtub, wet room enclosure, shower enclosure, ceramic basin, hardware and faucets, and the toilet.


With all the necessary elements incorporated, you can then ask your bathroom designer to make the most of your available space. However, you might have an idea of the right size and the space necessary; however, the designer can determine the best size according to your needs and circumstances. They can help incorporate all the essential features and give you the right size of the ensuite.

Planning Permission

It is also good to consider if you need a permit from the building authorities in Adelaide. If your old house is listed, you will need to get planning permission from the authorities because such a project involves changing the structure's interior. However, if you want to add an ensuite to your existing house, you may not require permission.

It is also worth noting that your project should adhere to the set building regulations in your area. If your ensuite requires drainage changes, rewiring, changing the heating system or installation, and other structural changes, you need approval from the building authorities. All the work should be done by accredited professionals such as electricians, plumbers, and others.

Construction of New Walls

If you want to build your ensuite out of a new room or partition in an existing room, you need extra walls. You need new stud walls built using timber frame featuring plasterboard over the top. To control dampness, ensure that you choose water-resistant plasterboards.

Plumbing and Heating

You should make sure that your bathroom ensuite has the proper flow of hot water. In addition, ensure that the water pressure is enough for your mixer shower fittings and taps. You can also incorporate heated towel rails instead of radiators in your ensuite because they are multi-purpose. They make it possible to dry your towels and heat the area.

Link to Bedroom

There are different layouts that you can go for to add ensuite to bedroom. You can opt for an open-plan design that makes the bathroom and bedroom flow seamlessly into each other. This makes it feel roomier and lighter; however, it does not offer privacy. If you have a partner and are the kind of person who likes your privacy, you can opt for the enclosed layout.

Ensuite Bathroom Ideas For Your Old House

Match the Bedroom Design

If you want to have an ensuite enclosed from your bedroom, you can decide if you wish to match your bedroom design scheme. You can also go for something different. If you have a bedroom with a serene and straightforward style, it can be fun to go for a bold contrast in your ensuite.

Bear in mind that the two places are linked closely. As a result, you should continue a design theme or colour palette between them to have a seamless finish. Choose accent colours from your bedroom, for instance, to match your tile selections. You can also select a material to be used in both rooms, such as marble and brass.

Patterned or bright coloured tiles will bring great interest to a small space and make it stand out. Note that how you design your ensuite determines how you feel when inside it. You should ensure that it connects to the adjoining bedroom to give it a more cohesive look.

Keep in mind that an ensuite is a luxury feature, so you can create the spa-like feeling that you want. You can decide to have a high-end marble finish or spend extra with towel rails and taps. You can also choose to have countertop sinks for a grown-up ensuite.

Utilise Space Savers

Utilising space savers as you are adding an ensuite to your old house is one of the best ensuite space-saving ideas. Sanitary ware is usually sold in different styles and designs to match various spaces. As a result, you should go for pieces that take up the smallest space. This ensures that they do not take up unnecessary space in your bathroom, mainly if you have limited space.

Floor Planning

As you plan your ensuite configuration, you should consider the location of your door. You also need to consider how it will be hinged. If installing a regular door will have it swinging awkwardly into your ensuite, you should consider having a sliding or folding door. This ensures that it does not take up unnecessary floor space. If you have a sloping ceiling, you should talk to an architect to create a practical solution to suit all your requirements.

After you decide on the various components of your ensuite, you should mark everything on the ensuite floor in relation to the position of the utilities. This helps you to visualise what your entire room will look like. It can be hard to imagine the sanitaryware dimensions without physically viewing their size and how they will fit in your design space. A masking tape or chalk will help you get a better idea of the amount of space you will have when using the ensuite every day.

New Heights

It can be challenging to build an ensuite if you have an old house with awkward ceiling heights. Most loft bathrooms have sloping ceilings that follow the roofline. As a result, you should develop a layout of your room to ensure that the ceilings do not interfere with the daily functionality of the space.

Using the section with the highest clearance for your ensuite shower is advisable. This ensures that you do not feel cooped up in what is supposed to be a comfortable addition to your house. A wet room can be a great option in this type of space. Instead of having a whole shower enclosure, you can partition the area using a shower screen.

Smart Storage

Your bathroom can get cluttered fast. So, as you design the ensuite, you should consider incorporating plenty of storage space. Make sure you do not waste space under the basin. Instead, pick a vanity or add shelves with in-built drawers or cupboards where you can hide containers and bottles.

You can also get wall-mounted pieces or a floor-standing unit to save your floor space. Since you will also require a place to store your robes and towels, you should look for ways to position cubby holes and hooks. However, if you do not have wall space, you can fix hooks to the door's back or have a shower screen that features an attached towel rail.

Install Wall Tiles

If you want to add a small ensuite, you need to be aware that the room will be affected by steam emanating from the hot showers. Consider completely tiling the walls to allow for easy maintenance. This also prevents you from having to deal with damaged painted walls. Tiles are the best option since you can easily wipe them compared to paintwork. They are also more practical since they save you both money and time in the long run as they do not require constant maintenance.

Bath or Shower

Depending on the layout and size of your ensuite, you can squeeze in a bath instead of a shower. You can find several compact baths in Adelaide, created for small spaces, so you do not have to limit yourself to a shower. Go for shorter and narrow freestanding baths if you find that a regular tub will not fit in your space. A corner bath is also a great option to help save on your ensuite space, especially if you are dealing with limited space.

Light Up the Space

Your bathroom ensuite should have enough lighting. So, you have to ensure enough lights are installed during the designing process. You do not want your space to feel dark because this might make it uncomfortable to use unless, of course, you prefer darkly lit rooms. Otherwise, install a strong light source that offers strong light to brighten the entire space.

LED spotlights work efficiently for the bathroom. They feature flash designs meaning they do not hang down into the room and take up space. You can also have illuminated mirrors to make it possible to shave or apply make-up without a hassle. Some of those mirrors have de-misting panels to ensure that the glass does not steam up when it gets humid.

Additional Ensuite Design Tips

• Select accessories and furnishings for both the bedroom and ensuite that complement each other. For instance, have a neutral colour scheme for your bathroom and add accessories in an accent colour from the bedroom.

• Link the bathroom and bedroom with the dressing room area. You can attain this with anything from in-built storage areas to wardrobes.

• Choose ensuite floor tiles matching the hues of your bedroom's rug or carpet.

• Install lighting circuits that make it easy for you to control the bathroom ensuite and bedroom separately. You may need dimmable and softer lighting for your sleeping area, but have brighter lighting for your bathroom.

Need Help Adding An Ensuite To Your Old House?

The above are great ideas you can apply when adding an ensuite to your old house. Keep in mind that you will need to have excellent bathroom renovation and design skills to apply them perfectly. This is why it is critical to leave the job to the best bathroom experts. You can expect a high-quality ensuite that meets all your needs. They have the right skills and apply the proper techniques to build a fantastic ensuite for you. In addition, they offer a guarantee and warranty for all their ensuite building services.