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Does renovating your bathroom seem like a daunting task? Believe us; it does not have to be! Visiting bathroom display showrooms is suitable for envisioning what your ideal bathroom may look like when done. Also, if you want expert advice on bathroom renovations, then bathroom showrooms are worth a visit. A quality display centre is often a reflection of a bathroom renovator’s services and capabilities. Here are some showroom-inspired ideas for your upcoming bathroom makeover.

Introduce Some Artwork

Usually, small bathrooms force homeowners to compromise on bathroom functionality. There is no need to stuff your bathroom with all manner of things in the name of bathroom design because less is more. Simple touches like adding your favourite piece of art to your bathroom can work magic. Bathroom showrooms in Adelaide exhibit countless examples of bathroom artwork. Visit one and get an excellent visual representation of how art can make your bathroom pop.

Install A Glass Shower

Give your bathroom an aesthetically pleasing look through the introduction of graphic tiles and glass shower screens. The two complement each other design-wise, with the screen reflecting the contrasting shades of the tiles. You will readily find a showcase of this elegance in any bathroom showroom.

Custom Shower Bench

A shower bench adds to the comfort of your bathroom. It also makes it look more luxurious without taking up too much space. You will love a bathroom that incorporates both beauty and luxury. Most bathroom display centres in Adelaide have a wide variety of stylish shower benches to choose from any time.

Embedded Shelves

Embedded shelves make the best use of bathroom walls by providing extra storage space. You can have all your bathroom essentials within reach while you are in the shower or bathtub. Otherwise, use the shelves to keep some scented candles or plants that accentuate the mood in your bathroom. However, overfilling the walls with shelves is not a smart move. Consult your bathroom renovator for help in achieving this minimal yet outstanding look.

Use Dark Colours

For a modern, intimate bathroom, consider using dark coloured bathroom tiles and cabinets. Just make sure that you install good lighting when applying darker shades. Add more charm with a unique stone sink and marble countertop. Get inspired about this style in a bathroom display centre near you.

Textured Tiles

What is a contemporary bathroom without textured tiles? Such tiles come in various options, from natural textures to floral textures, so you can make your bathroom feel as luxurious as you would like.

Minimal Look And Feel

The key to a visually appealing bathroom is a minimalist design. Minimalism is intimate and timeless. Monochrome colours like black, grey, and white are the best for a minimalistic effect. For a complete look, add a large oval mirror along with textured tiles. A faux ceiling or a sink with extended storage may be the cherry on top.

Curved Corners

Cabinets with curved edges are awesome in freeing up some floor space. They provide extra room so you can move around freely and easily. The same can be replicated with a curved bathtub. Curved fixtures in your bathroom not only improve the functionality but also enhance the aesthetics.

Mirrors, Mirrors, And More Mirrors

Mirrors give off the illusion of space, especially those that extend over the entire bathroom. Be careful to choose colours that contrast nicely to get the best outcome with reflections. An asymmetric ceiling design will add visual effect as well to a bathroom full of mirrors. You have to see this to believe at bathroom displays in Adelaide.

Wooden Floors And Walls

Modern technology has gifted us with waterproof wooden flooring and walling. The waterproofing, made from wood grain and PVC combined, prevents lumber floors and walls from getting damaged through continuous contact with water. Visit your nearest bathroom showroom to check out waterproof wood options available in different styles and prices.

Beadboard For Bathroom Walls

A beadboard is a slotted panel that covers the wall. It can be a great addition to your bathroom because it covers areas with the most contact with moisture. You can paint the beadboard with semigloss or glossy paint too. Unfortunately, beadboard does not go well with every bathroom. A good bathroom display showroom should play its part in helping you decide whether beadboard is a good option for you or not.

Make Use Of Ledges

Ledges can save plenty of space in your bathroom. A spacious bathroom feels fresher and more inviting. Ledges are usually installed along the wall. But since they can serve as a countertop, they can also go above the washbasin where you can keep your essentials.

Mosaic Tiles

Having just one wall with mosaic tiles can be a striking aesthetic touch in your bathroom. Mosaic tiles come in many different patterns for better contrast compared to single-hued tiles. Get to see this play of contrast in fully display at bathroom displays.

In a nutshell, you can quickly get ideas for your planned bathroom renovation by simply visiting an Adelaide bathroom showroom. Apart from the great ideas, you will also be able to link up with a professional bathroom renovator for your bathroom facelift needs.