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When renovating your bathroom, you may find it challenging to choose an ideal bathroom renovation package. But having some general knowledge of the available packages can make things easier. If you already have a bathroom remodeling plan, engaging an experienced bathroom renovator will get you started.

Probably you have found a renovator you can entrust with your bathroom makeover. Discussing your bathroom design plan with them will enable you to select a package that will work best for you, your family, and your home. No matter whether you want to remodel your master bathroom or guest bathroom, a good designer will be there to help make that dream come true. Even if you aspire to build a new ensuite bathroom, a bathroom expert will greatly assist.

A good bathroom builder’s ultimate goal is to ensure that they fully cater to their client’s needs. Therefore, they usually offer a range of bathroom redesign packages, and here are some of the options to consider.

Premium Bathroom Design Plans

The high-end package is designed to increase the value of your home by making your bathroom look stunning. It involves using the finest tiles, terrazzo, and other top-of-the-range fittings. What is possible depends on the client’s vision, with a complete facelift guaranteeing a fabulous bathroom. Some of the premier details of the premium package include extensive waterproofing, deluxe stone benchtops, and underfloor heating.

Standard Bathroom Renovation Packages

A standard bathroom renovation includes improvements such as installing new knobs and tiles and custom showers and mirrors. Such a package also allows the renovator to carry out comprehensive bathroom repairs. These may include fixing damaged flooring, framing, and sheeting. In some cases, wall and floor waterproofing will be done. And for older homes, the bathroom ceiling may get replaced. The final touch usually involves painting anew to give your bathroom a fresh, vibrant look.

Custom Bathroom Design Packages

Want a bathroom that suits your taste? Then go for the custom package. You will be able to select from a wide range of unique bathroom fittings, including designer-styled fixtures. As with other packages, waterproofing is a standard in this package. Extras include soft-close cabinet doors, bespoke lighting, and quality ceramic floor tiles and vanity tops. Full height tiling is another option you can incorporate into your customised bathroom design. For a luxurious bathroom, consider installing a beautiful spa or bath.

Double Value Bathroom Renovation Design Packages

Are you thinking of splitting your bathroom into two or more spaces? The double value plan is suitable for anyone that wants to add an extra bathroom to their home. And the good thing is there are many creative ways of making that happen. Some things to expect in this package include new walling and new doorway installation. Basically, a complete bathroom remodel.

Final Thoughts

When undertaking a bathroom renovation, a good bathroom designer will have all the basics covered. Typical basics include plastering joints and painting ceilings. Any good bathroom design package is designed to add value to your home and make it comfy for your growing family. It is also geared to your desires, be it making room for a new bath or refurbishing the existing fixtures.

Having several design options to choose from for your bathroom renovation helps you remodel your bathroom however you like without going over budget. But ultimately, what makes a good bathroom renovation design package is your ability to customise it. Therefore, it is best to discuss your thoughts and wishes with your bathroom renovator to find a package that will suit you.