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Toilet Installations

You may want to install a toilet or bathroom in your house for one reason or another. Often, people get confused about how to go about this or whether it is even possible. It is absolutely possible to install an extra toilet in your house if you need it or if your plans require you to have one.

In this age, homeowners are presented with newer options than were available to them in the past. Today, homeowners have a chance to add to their toilet's modern accessories such as macerating toilets or sewage ejector pumps. If you are looking to undertake such a project, this article is for you. Here, we will discuss the cost of installing a toilet in your laundry.

Handling The Plumbing In A Laundry Room

You should be aware of these factors prior to embarking on this adventure. One of them is learning how to conceal the plumbing that comes with adding a toilet to your laundry room. Installing a toilet without taking the necessary precautions to conceal plumbing typically results in an unsightly look. There are several ways to adequately disguise plumbing in the laundry room as listed below:

  • Covering the pipes with design tape
  • Adding wood pipe wrapping
  • Using foliage as a cover
  • Building a false wall
  • Replacing old pipes with nicer looking ones
  • Covering pipes with bins
  • Adding wraparound lights

Reorganise The Laundry To Create More Space

There are various different ways you can transform more space in your laundry, but the best way is to re-organise it. However, you will have to try the various options you have before you know what is best for you. By re-organising your stuff in the laundry, you can achieve this feat in next to no time.

This is one of the clever interior design ideas you or a professional can use to add more value to your house. Going this route is also cheaper than engaging in bathroom remodelling or trying to take the aesthetics of your home a notch higher. Additionally, maximising every available space is critical.

Cost Factors Of Installing A Toilet In Your Laundry

Installing a toilet in your laundry requires a professional touch. Doing it as a DIY may cause problems later on as there would be a lot of restructuring, removal of base footings, and installation of pipes. As such, you will need a licensed plumber. It is better to employ experts to handle all of the work involved.

This work can include such things as waterproofing, tiling, painting, and so on. Choosing a certified plumber means spending a little extra. This, in turn, raises the cost of installing your toilet, but it is one step that can spare you from future heartaches and additional expenditure in case unskilled hands do a poor job.

Installing A Toilet In Your Laundry? Be Creative!

An additional toilet in the laundry is an excellent way to provide an additional facility in the house. It is also an opportunity to add some creativity to the interior design of your home. In a home where there is only one bathroom, the toilet in the laundry is an innovative way of maximising space and time, especially during the mad rush in the morning hours to go to work or school.

However, it could be wasted time and effort if there aren't enough people in the house who may need to use these toilets simultaneously or if they would not be used simultaneously.

Benefits Of A Toilet In The Laundry

Having a toilet in your laundry would mean having an additional bathroom in your home, which will increase your property's value. Should there be the need to sell the house in the future, it would be money well spent in the end. More functional space can be made available when you change the floor plan with the interior layout of your laundry, which you can put to good use.

The master bedroom can benefit from this new arrangement, in which case, it can be made larger, or it can be turned into an ensuite. Doors may have to be removed during toilet installations, especially where renovations are to be made. When the job is professionally done, it can change the flow of the manner the rooms are used without lowering the practicality.

Change The Floor Plan To Install A Toilet In Laundry

Professional plumbers can help you alter your floor space to create space for a toilet. They typically achieve this by changing the position of your piping or other fixtures in your space. The steps the professional takes to help you achieve more space are dependent on the situation in your home.

In doing this, there are times it would be necessary to change the position of the toilet on a concrete slab, or it could be the shower plumbing you would need to move. The step that you or a professional would take would depend on the situation of the home. Whatever be the case, when you hire licensed plumbers, that can help you take care of fewer trades and get the job done to Australian standards.

Interior Designers Role In Laundry Renovation

Interior designers are capable of turning around the look and feel of a space for the better. The fact that a laundry is usually a small place calls for intricate measures to be taken if a greater value is to be added to it, and this is where the skills of an interior designer can go a long way in helping out. They can assist you in designing your laundry to best suit your needs.

While installing a toilet in the laundry, an interior designer can make necessary adjustments to the overall living arrangements and the other spaces within the house to come up with fantastic renovation solutions that will help maximise light usage, ventilation, storage, and space.

There is no doubt that the services of an interior designer would generally increase the installation costs of a toilet in your laundry, but the result is well worth it in the end.

Variations In Quotes Between Companies

Your friends who have had toilets installed in their laundry can be of help to you in rendering figures and cost implications you can expect in this project. There are likely going to be differences in the quotes given by friends for installing toilets, and these differences can be anything from $5000 upward.

Different factors can lead to these differences, and this is why you need to have some basic understanding and be able to answer some questions before you embark on the project. Some such questions include: Are some of the old building materials going to be used? Is the place to be renovated easily accessible? Will the plumbing in the room be taken to another location?

The cost to install a toilet will vary from one place to the other. For example, where existing features are used or where there is relative ease to the spot you or a professional will carry out the renovation, you can expect to save some time and money. You will find professional plumbers who can work conveniently with non-structural walls and create different room spaces in the end.

Plan Your Renovation Properly

It is crucial you set about this project by coming up with a plan before any other thing. With a good plan in place, you can have more storage space by using a large surface area of the walls that make up the room. For instance, there could be some light loss when a window is removed, but this can be made up for by using a skylight or going with a smaller window.

Removing doors can leave you with more wall space to put such things as storage cupboards or some appliances in the room to create more functionality. If there is an existing toilet and you remove the walls, the toilet is also effectively placed in the laundry.

Can The Laundry And Toilet Be In The Same Room?

You can work with your interior designer to install a toilet in your laundry where space is an issue. In the end, you will have an open space that will serve both purposes, or you could have the laundry appliances like the washing machine concealed. If you can use some imagination and creativity, you will be surprised at the results you can get.

The Final Cost Will Depend On Your Needs

Whatever final cost you arrive at will depend on important factors that your personal needs and budget can significantly influence. This is the reason it may not be possible to work with the exact figures other people give you. However, if you make professionals understand your needs, they can provide you with a quote, which will vary from one professional company to another.

Costs To Install A Toilet In Your Laundry Include

Cost of renovation

If there is the need to carry out some extensive renovations in your laundry before you can install a toilet, it could mean that there would be an increase in the cost of installing a toilet in your laundry. Such tasks may include:

  • Addressing blocked drains
  • Fixing leaking pipes
  • Pulling down and reconstructing walls
  • Removing doors and windows

The final cost of installing a toilet in your laundry will depend on the extent of the renovation.

Type of fixtures and accessories used

With the availability of various types of fixtures and accessories in the marketplace, you should have the chance to choose what best suits your design and needs. Property values are expected to increase with additional beautiful fixtures and accessories.

Still, it would require that you provide the needed budget to meet the cost at the time of installing them. A word of caution you may want to keep in mind is that going for more fixtures and accessories can blow up the cost of carrying out the installation process.

Council approval

Your choice of an additional toilet in your laundry may require council approval. Where you are granted access and the opportunity to renovate your laundry or install a new toilet in there, the extent to which you can go with the exercise may be limited.

Using different trades

An extensive renovation of your laundry may require the services of different trades. By inviting more trades, more costs will be incurred since all these artisans and professionals will be paid for the services they render. However, if you would like to keep the costs of this project low, you should consider using the services of licensed plumbers or a company that can handle the different aspects involved.

The Typical Cost Of Installing A Toilet In Your Laundry

The price of having a new toilet in your laundry is not fixed. This means that the costs can be anything from $5,000 to $12,500, depending on different factors. A lot will depend on your taste and the choice of materials you make as well as the interior designs you want in place.

Hire A Licensed Plumber For The Job

As you prepare your plans to have a toilet installed in your laundry, there are some salient points you need to always bear in mind. Remember this is a project you don't want to handle alone but assign it to experienced professionals who will take the trouble off your hands and help avoid costly mistakes, thereby reducing your overall stress during the project.

At best, you would be involved by making suggestions and declaring what you are looking to have. These professionals will work with the picture you paint and make it a reality. Also, once it has been done correctly, it is a worthy property investment that increases the value of your home and creates another space where you can enjoy yourself more. So, why not consider a bathroom renovation specialist to guarantee your renovation is done right.