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Cost Of Renovating An Ensuite

Renovating your main bathroom might be one of those activities that have been on your "to-do" list for years. Taking care of minor issues like repainting whenever the mood strikes will always keep the project alive in your mind rather than making it seem like an impossible task. However, when the time comes for renovations, one room that may be prioritised over others, depending on how many individuals live in your household, is the ensuite.

Renovating this portion of your home can get pricey, depending on what you want to do and how extensive you want the renovations to be. An average ensuite renovation cost ranges between $16,000-$32,000, depending on the nature of the project. You should keep in mind that the size and type of renovation will affect the renovation cost.

For example, a simple update such as new paint or sink fixtures will cost much less than a complete bathroom renovation. Some people like to go out and spend their time taking in some fresh air, but others prefer to stay inside and make some updates to their living space. There's no wrong choice when it comes to these activities. Both will give you a sense of satisfaction at the end.

However, if you want something that will keep giving you that rush repeatedly, why not opt for updating your ensuite bathroom? Ensuite renovations are very rewarding because this particular room is most likely constantly being used by you. Read on for more about what goes into ensuite renovation costs.

Factors Determining Ensuite Renovation Costs

How long have you been considering doing renovation?

The length of time it takes to finally decide to move forward with a bathroom renovation is essential in determining how much you will spend. The longer you delay, the more likely costly issues will arise that need immediate attention. At the same time, it is cheaper working on a room that has not undergone many years of wear and tear.

Is your ensuite in dire need of renovation?

Renovating your bathroom for purely aesthetic purposes can get expensive fast because you will have to replace everything. If your main goal is just updating what you currently have, replacing fixtures such as sinks or toilets might be all it takes, so that may keep the cost down. For example, new countertops can be installed for around $3,500, while replacement sinks are only about $300.

Do you plan to gut the entire room?

Tearing something down to its studs will always be costly, no matter what type of renovations you are doing afterward because it requires professional help, and there is always the risk of damaging existing structures. When considering doing a complete bathroom overhaul rather than just updating or replacing things as they become damaged or worn out, it's essential to think of if the results will indeed be worth the money spent.

If you are selling your home after more than ten years, this might not be a wise investment since buyers typically want brand new items throughout their homes. However, if you plan to live in your home for a short time or move into an older house with outdated bathrooms, this type of renovation might bring more value to the home.

How extensive is your current ensuite?

Renovations can also cost more if there are many things wrong with the room's current state, especially if you have neglected it for some time. Issues such as water damage caused by a leaky tub or window that isn't appropriately sealed will require immediate attention and extra money spent on repairs to make sure everything is structurally sound before any renovations occur.

Will you be adding a spa?

Adding a spa area can significantly add to the total cost of bathroom renovations when deciding what kind of whirlpool, jetted tub, or steam shower you want. Think about accessories such as grab bars and the type of flooring surrounding the feature. A spa area can cost around $6,100, but adding a bathtub can add roughly another $3,800.

How much do the suppliers charge?

When it comes time to choose a supplying company for your ensuite renovation project, be sure to consider all options available to get the maximum return on your investment. For example, installing custom cabinets from a manufacturer may seem like an attractive option because they require less work from a carpenter during installation. However, they tend to be more expensive. Buying off-the-shelf cabinet boxes do not provide the same features, but they are much cheaper, so you might be able to afford higher-end countertops.

Who will you hire for renovation?

It's imperative to consider hiring a general contractor for your project, especially if this is the first renovation of this scale that you've ever done. Not all contractors are made equal, and some may not offer the same quality of service, nor do they all have experience working with certain suppliers or tradespeople.

A reputable professional should provide references from other customers who are satisfied with their work. You can consider getting everything in writing because even if the salesperson says one thing, there's no guarantee it will happen when the time comes for renovations.

When will renovation begin?

Renovations can take time to complete, especially if they're being done by a general contractor who has many other projects on the go. You should have some sort of schedule from your contractor, so you know what to expect, but if anything changes unexpectedly, be sure to ask why it's not done again.

Do you plan on keeping your ensuite as is?

If the only reason that you're doing renovations is that you want a nicer bathroom without going through everything that comes with tearing out walls or ripping up floors, then simple updates such as new paint and flooring might be enough. This type of renovation usually takes less than a week and doesn't necessarily mean incurring a hefty bill.

What is the reason for renovating?

Renovating your ensuite can be a great way to increase the value of your home if you plan on selling it soon, especially if you're updating things like countertops and flooring since they tend to depreciate over time.

Renovating an ensuite can cost anywhere from $8,000 to $30,000, depending on what exactly needs to be done. However, adding features such as an additional sink or walk-in shower might sound too expensive, but the return on investment is worth it.

When do you plan on moving out?

If you plan to live in your place for at least ten years or longer, then renovations are something you should consider because the resale value of a home with an updated ensuite will be much higher than one without.

Do you plan on selling your house?

If you sell your home shortly after renovations, the returns may or may not cover what was spent making the updates. In this case, it's crucial to weigh your options carefully and think about how long you plan to live in the house because every dollar counts when the time comes to make upgrades.

Ensuite Renovation Steps

It is vital to plan before you start renovating any part of your home, including your ensuite. You must be aware of what to do and when to do it.


The first step toward a new ensuite will include demolition work, but where do you start? Taking a conceptual approach is a good place to start by creating a mood board with images that speak to the style you are looking for. You should carefully plan the layout of your ensuite before you begin.

Start by measuring up to see how much space is available and then sketching out an idea on paper to scale. It's vital at this stage to take into consideration where existing plumbing lines run through the walls, which may affect the future installation of fixtures and appliances.


Choosing tiles can be fun but daunting with so many options available today. Apart from choosing the right colour, you must select the appropriate type of tile by considering what you will use it for.


Choosing floor tiles is a careful decision that requires you to consider the amount of traffic going through your ensuite, the aesthetic you are trying to achieve, and practicality (will water seep underneath it?).

For example, finishing off your new ensuite with porcelain tiles not only provides excellent resistance to water but also looks very modern and stylish. Thanks to its style and ease of maintenance, soft vinyl tile flooring has become one of the most popular choices for bathrooms.


This choice is really up to you, and your family's preference as both options have their advantages. A shower provides quick washing while the bath allows for lengthy relaxation. In some cases, you may consider having a shower area next to a bathtub, allowing flexibility between different household members.

Adding bench seating in either a corner or along one wall will provide a place to sit while dressing after using the shower/bathtub. Showers are also becoming an increasingly popular choice for ensuite bathrooms as they look modern and sleek when done correctly. They also do not require excess space, which can be very limiting when renovating your ensuite.


The final stage of ensuite renovation is choosing the right appliances. It is essential to ensure they suit the style and look of your new bathroom. A pedestal basin provides a modern look that will complement any tiles or flooring you choose for your ensuite. Pedestal basins are also an excellent choice in bathrooms where space is limited.

This is because they take up less surface space meaning you can fit more in, making them especially popular in smaller ensuites. As well as considering your sink, it's essential to consider what type of tap you want (or if it's even worth having), whether concealed or exposed, which once again will depend on the aesthetic you are trying to go for.

By following these five simple steps when renovating your ensuite, you will make sure all aspects of the bathroom work in harmony with each other. Planning is vital when renovating an ensuite, and it's important to be realistic about what you can achieve within the space available.

Benefits Of Ensuite Renovations

Renovating an ensuite can be costly, but not only will your home gain value, but it will also increase the enjoyment of your daily life. Below are some of the benefits of ensuite renovations.

Enhanced Aesthetics

A remodelled ensuite will likely make a more positive first impression on anyone who sees what you've done with the space. It looks clean and modern compared to bland tiles and grout, which are very common in older bathrooms. Tile patterns for both walls or even floors can also give an additional room flair, complementing whatever style of décor you have chosen for your main living areas.


More minor renovations tend to take less time than more extensive projects, so it makes sense that an ensuite bathroom renovation would take less time to complete. There are also fewer people to coordinate with, whether the plumber or electrician installs new fixtures or fittings.


Upgrading the technology in your ensuite through better ventilation will increase functionality while reducing energy costs. Your bathroom is the most used, so the benefits are twofold. For instance, you'll have fewer drafts and enjoy lower utility bills when you install an efficient heating system in your shower space.

Improved Hygiene

You can't always ensure a clean environment by simply wiping down countertops after each use. If you’d instead update them to include sinks with faucets that have lever handles rather than knobs covered in germs from touch, your family can stay healthier. Also, installing a new showerhead that sprays water with more force will rinse off soap and shampoo faster to prevent mould or mildew buildup on tiles or grout.

Increased Value

The value of your home is impacted by updates to your ensuite bathroom which make it look better than other homes in the area. It's only natural that buyers will value newer houses with modern amenities. If you want to sell your house at some point, this type of overhaul can put hundreds of dollars into your pocket beyond what you spent during the actual renovation process.

Peace of Mind

Ensuites are spaces where you go multiple times every day, so it's essential to feel safe inside your home. If you update the space with new security features like locks on doors or windows, motion detectors for lights, etc., you will have more peace of mind knowing someone can't enter without alerting you first.

If you're considering an ensuite bathroom renovation in Australia, you can always inquire from friends and neighbors about experienced suppliers who can see that your project is a success.

Ensuite Renovation Ideas

Some popular renovation ideas on a budget for an ensuite include updating the taps, painting the walls, and freshening the grout. Exposed shower tiles are usually fairly inexpensive, whereas large tiles can make the room look smaller unless they're light-coloured to create a larger appearance.

Exposed stones are usually more expensive since you will need to hire a professional to install them properly rather than doing them yourself. Walk-in showers with built-in seats, custom cabinets, heated floors, or a jetted tub are also on the high-end.

The design ideas below offer different options on how homeowners can completely revamp their master ensuite or perhaps just alter it to better suit their needs. From building a wall structure to installing a new type of bathtub or adding a floor-to-ceiling window, these ideas will inspire you to successfully design this room in your home.

Renovating a Clawfoot Tub

A clawfoot tub is prevalent for those who want to possess an old-fashioned look for their bathroom. Homeowners have used this unique kind of tub since the 19th century, and they continue to be as fashionable as ever today. If you have one in your house, why not make it even more interesting?

A good way to do so is by outfitting the exterior with subway tiles with white grout lines and giving it a grey matte finish. Doing so will give it a subtle yet interesting look, which your family and friends will love.

Installing a Wall-Mounted Sink

If you're considering an alternative to the traditional types of sinks, then why not consider having a wall-mounted one? These sinks can add extra storage space to your bathroom while improving its overall design. Plus, positioning this appliance on the wall allows more room underneath so you can enjoy taking a relaxing bath without any worries.

Adding Cabinets Underneath the Sink Area

When remodelling your ensuite bathroom, don't forget the advantage of adding some extra cabinets underneath the sink area. This part of your bathroom is prime for having additional storage space because it will give you more room to keep towels, toiletries, and other items you need when it's time to get ready in the morning.

Installing a Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure

You can make your ensuite bathroom look even chicer by considering a frameless glass shower screen. These enclosures can add a luxurious appearance while also providing plenty of natural light, thanks to their transparent style. You can also combine this bathtub with monochromatic tiles, which will allow for a clean look on your walls.

Including a Floor-to-Ceiling Window

If you want to make your ensuite bathroom appear larger than it already is, then floor-to-ceiling windows might be what you need to create this type of look. Not only do these types of windows allow for natural light to come flooding into the room, but they also provide an added level of privacy for those who might have a backyard or garden area directly outside. Keep in mind that these types of windows will require more sturdy window fixtures such as steel-framed ones.

Using Glass Block Windows as Separators

This dual-purpose design idea is perfect for those looking to create a more modern-looking ensuite bathroom while still being able to incorporate both the bathtub and toilet area into one room. The benefit of having these two fittings in one space is that they will allow for added privacy when taking a bath or doing your business.

Even better, you can create this design using glass block windows capable of bringing in extra light during the day while also maintaining some level of privacy at night.

Replacing Old Bathroom Fixtures

If you're looking to limit the number of renovations needed for your bathroom, then perhaps just replacing any outdated fixtures, including basin, taps, and even toilets would be beneficial enough. Doing so will immediately transform the look of your existing layout and allow you to enjoy the benefits of new fixtures, such as their modern design, greater functionality, and overall added value.

Installing Frameless Tiles

If your bathroom doesn't have a shower area but is instead equipped with a bathtub, then why not consider placing frameless tiles all around? Doing so will give it an appearance that looks more modern while also maintaining its cleanliness for years. After all, these tiles are easy to clean, which means you won't have a problem cleaning dirt or dust whenever somebody uses them.

Combining Two Sinks into One Large Vanity

Two small sinks are much less powerful than one large vanity, which is why you should rather combine the former into one space. This can give your bathroom a more sleek, more modern appearance that still allows for plenty of storage underneath the countertop. This design works best when paired with pieces that are of higher quality, such as marble or granite, because they're able to help achieve a luxurious look and feel.

Get Renovating!

It is clear that renovating your ensuite can offer multiple benefits and increase the value of your home. There are also copious styles and designs to explore. Ensuite renovation costs can really empty your pocket if you are not careful about the materials to use and the type of renovation to get. It is advisable to hire a professional if you want to reduce your bathroom renovations costs.