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Your Bathroom Building Guide

Looking at the whole process from designing, material purchasing, and actual construction, building a bathroom is daunting. However, if you approach it from the right angle, it does not have to involve a lot of stress. The idea is to know what you want and where to get the items needed before starting the project.

You are likely considering where you should begin. Well, the following guide will give you tips on how to come up with a realistic plan. You can break down the work into six sections to make the entire process manageable. Just read on to find out how you can effectively build a bathroom from scratch.

Considerations When Building A Bathroom From Scratch

Decide on the location

Do you know where to put your bathroom in your home? A bathroom should be close to the laundry, kitchen, and bedrooms. It would help if you also worked out the direction the doors will open.

Budget for the bathroom

Set a reasonable budget to work with, and try as much as possible not to stray from it. Research on what is needed and check the alternatives available. Additionally, do not include items that you can compromise on, such as a bathtub or under-floor heating, especially if your budget is tight.

Plan your bathroom layout

Once you determine how much you are willing to allocate to your budget, it is time to plan the layout. Your bathroom plan will depend on the space available, the number of people to use the bathroom, and whether they will use it simultaneously. You may not afford a separate shower stall and bathtub if you have a tight budget. Again if your space is small, you should not have a bathtub.

Settle on a style

If you use catalogues and showrooms to decide on your bathroom style, you can get stuck on trendy and expensive fixtures and fittings. Still, coming up with a style that will match the rest of your home is not an easy task. So, what other option do you have?

This is where you involve a bathroom designer. It may just cost you a few extra dollars, but a designer will save you time, money, and stress. A good designer will involve you in all stages of designing and show you their past work to allow you to make reasonable and informed decisions. Designers also have connections with suppliers and other experts to save you money in several areas.

Hire the right experts

You need to know the right people, from plumbers, builders, cabinet makers, glaziers, tilers, painters to electricians. Explain your needs, get quotes and hire only bathroom experts. When getting quotes, ensure you get several quotes, negotiate and decide on the best one depending on your budget. Keep in mind that cheapness sometimes ends up being more expensive, so do not compromise on quality and settle for cheap unreliable experts.

Building A Bathroom From Scratch Step-By-Step

You've hired the experts; it is okay to supervise but avoid being intrusive. If you notice something you do not comprehend, point it out. So, what if you trust your do-it-yourself skills and want to put them to practice? Well, below, you will find a step-by-step guide to building a bathroom from scratch.

Step One: Gather the required supplies

The first step is to gather all the required tools and materials to ensure that you have everything from the get-go. Other than what is in your home toolbox, here are essential work items required:

• Stud finder

• Safety mask

• Goggles

• Silicone sealant

• Tape measure

• Spackle

• Power drill

• Bucket

• Chisel

• Protective gloves

• Caulking gun

• Hammer

• Spackle knife

• Pry bar

• Wrench (adjustable)

• Hacksaw

• Chalk line

• Screwdriver

• Utility knife

• Extension cord

• Cordless drill

• Wet-dry shop vac

In the event you do not have the appropriate tools, you can rent them from a home improvement store near you or borrow them from a friend or family member.

Step Two: Remove all the fixtures

Are you renovating an existing bathroom? Then you need to remove all the fixtures and drywall first. How do you do this? First, shut off the water and drain the toilet bowl. Cover the bathtub as you remove the bath tiles.

Then, cut the panels with a saw to remove the insulation. Wear goggles, a mask, and gloves for protection. Finally, remove the cabinets, vanity, flooring, baseboards, and mirror.

Step Three: Install the shower or tub

After gutting the bathroom, you can install the shower or tub. Also, replace any rotting wood before installing the tub or shower. You can install a shower and tub combination if you have enough space.

Step Four: Lay the flooring

Prep the subfloor and then lay the new flooring. You can go for any of the various flooring options available in the market, such as bathroom tiles, vinyl, hardwood, and linoleum, among others. It all depends on your taste and preference; if you use tiles, use mason chalk to mark 900 continuous lines on the floor.

Step Five: Hang the drywall and paint

Hanging drywall can take a lot of time as you have to cut new drywall to fit around the vanity, shower walls, and other fixtures. After hanging the drywall, you can paint the bathroom to give it a fresh look. To simplify painting, use a semi-gloss finish resistant to mildew and mould.

Step Six: Install the vanity and cabinets

Now, it's time to install the cabinets, vanity, and other items you require in the bathroom. Begin with the vanity, faucet, and sink before installing the mirrors and cabinets.

Step Seven: Light up the space

Install the new lighting fixtures and adjust the wiring where necessary if the dimensions are not similar. If you have never worked on wiring before, it would be best to call an electrician to avoid electrical accidents.

Step Eight: Do the plumbing work

At this juncture, you should be proud of your work. Replace your toilet seat or install a new one as the last task to avoid chipping. However, it’s advisable to involve a plumber for excellent results.

Step Nine: Apply the final touches

Finally, you can add a couple of indoor plants, wallpaper, and pieces of art to personalise your space. Now that you are done pat yourself on the back for a job well done and prepare to take that relaxing bath or shower. After all, you deserve it.

Hire Experts To Get Value For Your Money

Bathroom renovations do not have to cost you an arm and a leg. True, an upgrade may cost you several thousand dollars. However, the prize is your dream bathroom. Additionally, adding a bathroom adds value to your home.

So, what exactly are you waiting for? Begin building your dream bathroom and start your days on a better note! For quality work, always engage bathroom remodel professionals.