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Gregory Built provides a professional and complete bathroom renovations service, delivering high-quality results from concept to completion for our clients. 


Quality Bathrooms on a Budget

Renovating the kitchen and bathroom are amongst the most cost effective return on investment to enhance the value of your home. Most homeowners however believe that such a project may cost them an arm and a leg.

At Gregory Built, we will help you design and renovate your home’s bathrooms to not only enhance its look, but increase its value. Gregory Built can remodel and design bathrooms on a budget. Our budget ideas will get your interior looking good while adding appeal to your property no matter how much you want to spend.

Trendy ideas are usually considered costly and are thought to require specialised equipment to make them functional. Gregory Built has been doing this job for years and has the expertise you can rely on to enhance the quality of your bathroom and make it look nice without the price tag.

We have many budget bathroom renovation options available, which can help you enhance the quality of your home even on a tight budget.

Budget Friendly Designs

We have many reasonable budget friendly designs that will please even the most finicky homeowner. These are designs you will be able to invest in without spending a fortune. Some of the design choices you may like to consider include:

2-way bathroom
A 2-way bathroom combines elements of both a traditional family bathroom and a luxurious ensure. It is both traditional and modern in both architecture and design. Fixtures can include stainless steel and quartz to create a sleek shower space. Simple and timeless white cabinetry can be added to give the room a fresh look.

Rain making shower head
This kind of shower head allows you to enjoy every bit of time you spend in the bathroom. These rain heads are the epitome of luxury and can add a touch of class to your renovation without spending too much. A rain making shower head is something you should consider when thinking about renovating.

Luxury need not cost an arm and a leg

Increasing the comfort of a home without spending a lot of money is our specialty Gregory Built can help you with cheap bathroom renovations that accomodate the needs of your family. Our special renovation techniques will allow you to create a luxury bathroom without worrying too much about cost. We have many clever ideas that can help you create a luxurious space on a slim budget.

Installing simple tiles
Installing plain white tiles is relatively cheap and simple. By using this method you will still end up with something that will serve you well, and still function as should be expected while increasing your home's value considerably.

Installing a shower
If you already have a bath tub that you hardly use, it can be used to create a luxury shower room that is relaxing and aesthetic.

Fixtures and fittings
You do not need to build a full on spa room to make your bathroom luxurious. At Gregory Built, we can help you swap out outdated faucets and even install new eco-friendly rain style shower heads. We can also provide some popular decor choices. One example is simply placing plants in specific areas of your bathroom.

Upgrading vanity
A simple vanity unit can improve the functionality in your space immensely. Older style bathrooms in need of a refresh can make use of this easy upgrade which will give you a lasting and usable asset.

A fresh coat of paint
If the budget is tight, a fresh coat of paint can be a simple and refreshing enhancement to give your bathroom a new look. Repainting will give your walls a new lease on life while not breaking the bank. Existing fixtures may also benefit from a coat of mold-resistant paint covering.

Improved lighting
Improving lighting and adding some mirrors can help spruce up your bathroom without the need to spend too much money. Better lighting will modernise the space, while installing mirrors will increase the perception of depth and make the room feel larger than it is. 
LED mirrors over the sink can provide additional lighting for that professional finish. Expensive fittings that have deteriorated due to usage, may also benefit from a refresh of seals and a good polish. Replacing bathroom basins and shower screens can also help to modernise the bathroom and make it more comfortable.

Affordable Solutions You Will Love

It's possible to transform your existing bathroom into something that your whole family will love. We can carry out a few easy innovative changes to make your outdated bathroom more user friendly, eye-catching and comfortable.

We can also make your bathroom look better by adopting a few clever storage solutions. By organising the space properly you will no longer be drowning in clutter when visiting the restroom.

For The Best Remodelling Work

At Gregory Built, our bathroom designer will help you enhance the quality of your bathroom by giving you a variety of options. It doesn’t matter how tight your budget is. We are always happy to work with you to improve the quality of your bathroom.

We're looking forward to renovating your bathroom next.

Why Choose Our Affordable Bathroom Renovations?

Most of our clients enjoy our renovations because we consistently deliver high quality at affordable pricing. As an assurance of our unmatched quality, we offer a warranty for all our bathroom renovation services. If there are any problems, our team is readily available to work until you are satisfied.

No one beats our prices.

Gregory Built is a one-stop-shop for all affordable bathroom designs and accessories.

Satisfaction is guaranteed.

No one beats our prices.

Reasons Gregory Built is the Best in Adelaide

We are just like you and want to be able to trust renovation designers. That is why we are dedicated to ensuring you are satisfied with all the quality budget bathroom renovations services we provide. Our good reputation in the industry emanates from the fact that our team never disappoints. You can trust us to deliver on our promise. Since we are a local business, you can rest assured that we understand your needs better. Gregory Built is also the best because:

We are a local business working with local designers.

We offer thorough and reliable work.

We’ve secured a strong work record and reputation for many years in the industry.

Our designers share our values

We are transparent and honest


Working with a small budget? No need to wait. Fell free to call us at any time to work on your bathroom renovation project. With seasoned experience in the business, we can customise the renovations to fit your budget. Our expertise lies in providing budget, yet luxury bathrooms that our clients can retreat to and enjoy after a long day of work.

We're looking forward to renovating your bathroom next.

All your bathroom needs covered.

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