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Beautiful Commercial Bathrooms

The bathroom experience at your venue plays a huge role in deciding whether or not a customer will visit the business again. While modern bathrooms should aim to provide the user with a great experience, there is no need to overcapitalise. While there is no specific rule of thumb to achieve an ideal commercial bathroom, understanding the essential elements of such a project is the first step to achieving the perfect commercial bathroom. That's where we come in. Employees also deserve a pleasant experience when using the bathroom at their workplace. Research has shown that most employees believe that restrooms directly impact employee well-being and job satisfaction.

Fit For Purpose

Although commercial bathrooms must serve the needs of your users, there’s no reason they can't be beautiful too. All restrooms serve the same purpose from an appearance point of view. They should be aesthetically pleasing. However, a commercial restroom should aim to serve a specific group of people. For instance, retail and restaurant customers expect bathrooms to be modern and whimsical, whereas office employees prefer a comfortable space that offers a relaxed feel.

Understanding a business’ target audience before embarking on a commercial restroom construction will ensure a fulfilling washroom environment and experience for both owner and user. We can help you get to know your users' expectations so that you can effectively address their needs.

Depending on your industry, you may find it hard to predict the exact number of people who will visit the restroom. Retail and restaurant owners can't predict the number of restroom users precisely. However, you can calculate the days or hours when the number of visitors will peak. With this in mind, you can then decide what size of washroom to build.

It is important to choose a bathroom design that can accommodate the largest calculated number of people at any given time. Keeping the users in mind when designing commercial bathrooms will help counteract queuing, crowding, and cleanliness issues.

Return On Investment

Regardless of what you expect, the investment you make will greatly influence your washroom design. Other than installation costs, your budget should include future maintenance and cleaning costs. We can help you construct a bathroom design which will make your bathroom look beautiful without going over your budget. At Gregory Built Bathroom Renovations, just because we can offer a cost effective design, it doesn;t mean you will have to compromise on quality.

Maintaining a high level of toilet hygiene is crucial in all commercial washrooms. It goes without saying that customers expect a clean and odour-free washroom environment. In addition to having the right routine and proper bathroom equipment, cleanliness requires you to utilise the bathroom space so that it can be cleaned frequently and consistently.

Proper ventilation and user friendly fixtures with the right design, materials and installation will see you achieve a bathroom renovation that will set your business apart.

Bathroom Ideas That Please

Users of your commercial bathroom are guaranteed a unique restroom experience by installing fixtures such as automatic flush and motion sensor faucets. These will also help you save on water, resulting in lower running operating costs.

While the upfront cost of installing fixtures may appear expensive for some projects, the constant stress placed on these items means choosing the right pieces from the outset. Because commercial bathrooms typically encounter a lot of traffic compared to your washroom or at home, we help you choose the right fittings that will stand the test of time. This means durability to withstand high traffic and rough handling.

Some other elements we can assist you with include:

  • Maximising space in your washroom

  • Installing proper lighting and selecting a colour palette

  • Enhancing user privacy

  • Maintaining a high level of hygiene

The Experts In High Traffic Bathrooms

Since your commercial bathroom speaks a lot about your overall business, it should feature a comfortable, luxurious, stylish, and functional design. We ensure the choices made will future proof your commercial property so you don’t need to brace for unexpected repairs and future renovations. For a new and satisfying commercial washroom experience for your customers, get in touch with Gregory Built Bathroom Renovations and we will have a specialist provide you with future-proof solutions for your project.

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