Ensuite Bathrooms

Gregory Built provides a professional and complete bathroom renovations service, delivering high-quality results from concept to completion for our clients. 


Ensuite Ideas That Inspire

If you’re looking for the best ensuite bathroom ideas, Gregory Built is your one-stop shop for exceptional designs that inspire. Whether you want a simple or detailed ensuite, our rich experience in the industry enables us to design ensuite bathrooms that leave our clients in awe. We understand that ensuite spaces are designed to be places for relaxation and self-care where you can release all the tensions of the day. Our team provides you with inspirational ideas on how best to make your space more relaxing for yourself and your entire family. We want you to own an ensuite bathroom that is not only luxurious but also smart in design. Our designers work on your space with tranquility in mind to ensure you are satisfied with the final results. These are just a few of the reasons why Gregory Built is the best choice to give your ensuite bathroom the impressive lift it needs.

Regardless of the design you would like incorporated in your ensuite, we can help turn it into a reality. Our clients come with different ideas, and no one is ever disappointed with their completed ensuite. Some of the designs that we can customise to fit your home and lifestyle include geometric patterns, linear and functional designs, as well as industrial designs. We are also great at providing ideas on future trends to create a timeless design for your ensuite. This is why we strive to offer you long lasting solutions through our designing and renovation services. However, for regular maintenance changes, we can help at an affordable pricing, so simply get in touch with our team with your request.

When you work with us, you do not have to break the bank. We offer ensuite ideas and bring them to life at affordable prices to all our clients in Adelaide. It does not matter what size your ensuite bathroom is; we have no problem refreshing your space and introducing a touch of class. As a local company, we work with local designers who understand your needs in an effective way. All our ideas are well thought out, and we always ensure that we involve you to obtain your insights. Our approaches to ensuite designing are also simple for you to understand, so you enjoy a seamless experience from the start to the end of the designing process. Because our customers are our greatest asset, your happiness is our happiness too.

For Your Modern Lifestyle

Discover the best master bathroom designs for the modern day lifestyle. Our ensuite bathroom renovation services are the most sought out in Adelaide as they are both modern and practical. We offer cutting-edge designs and state-of-the-art technology built to last for many years. Throughout the years we have serviced ensuites in Adelaide, we have managed to create diverse bathroom styles you simply cannot get from any other company. We stand out because we offer results matching the current and even the future lifestyle of all our clients. Our vast knowledge in the business helps us create ensuite designs tailored to each of our clients’ specific needs.

We understand that people have different tastes and preferences when it comes to ensuite designs. So, what is your style? This is a question that we always ask during the consultation process to ensure we offer you a design that matches your lifestyle. Whether you want a soothing, minimalist style or bold, dramatic style, our team can create it just as you desire, with no stress on your end. All the ensuite products we use are hand-picked to ensure they are of top-notch quality, durable, and offer value for your money. You can easily shop for all the products and accessories you need from our showroom. If you are unsure of the right ones for modern living, our team is on standby to guide you to pick the best.

What you will love most about Gregory Built is the confidence you will experience when we work on your project. Every project is initiated after thoroughly assessing all your needs and your personality. So, when our team starts to work, there are no delays and no mistakes. With us, you never get headaches or nasty surprises. Our top-notch designers will work closely with you to design an ensuite suiting your lifestyle, needs, and your family tastes too. Given the focus and amount of time we spend perfecting your space, you can expect a calm and relaxing space. We consider all your modern lifestyle needs as we install all the features including lighting and storage.

Ensuites With a Unique Plan and Design

Gregory Built goes the extra mile to ensure that we take full responsibility for your entire ensuite renovation. Our team will be there for you right from when you call us up until we present you with an ensuite with a fully personalised design. We know that our clients have diverse ensuite needs, so our team always aims to deliver the best. Whether you want a compact or large bathroom, you can expect us to create a practical and comfortable space. We are experts at providing ensuite bathrooms with a customised plan and design.

With several years in the business, we have the knowledge, expertise, and workforce to deliver on a wide range of ensuite renovation projects. Our major focus is always to make sure that your requirements and ideas are integrated into your ensuite plan and design. Our renovators perform comprehensive consultations to obtain a clear understanding of all your design needs. One of the major decisions we make is whether your ensuite bathroom will also be the powder room for all your guests. To a specific degree, this aspect is also determined by the layout of your home and lifestyle.

As we plan and design your ensuite bathroom, we consider several factors to ensure that we provide a functional and practical ensuite for your home. We bring all the details together and make the final plan after carrying out a thorough survey of your entire space. Our team makes sure that all factors are considered in the planning and design process. We focus on lighting, layout, storage needs, countertop spaces, safety, and many others.

Gregory Built strongly believes in providing affordable ensuite modern bathroom designs for all our clients. Our team desires that you receive value for money. Thus, as we maintain quality, we also ensure that the cost of your Adelaide ensuite bathrooms is highly competitive and matches your budget.  You can be sure that you will get a design that will stand the test of time, even as new trends hit the market. All the products and accessories we provide in our showroom are sourced from reputable brands, so you can be sure of quality and durability.

Ideas For Narrow Bathrooms

If you are looking for narrow bathroom ideas, our team is available to help you with the most practical insights. We know how to carefully change the layout of your narrow and small bathroom. Our bathroom designers give and transform ideas to make your small space more functional and practical. It is always a challenge to work on narrow spaces when implementing a design, but we handle this easily due to our vast experience in the industry. Our team can provide you with ideas that will make your small ensuite bathroom look relatively larger. For example, we can help by adding an elegant and new 10mm frameless glass slider that makes the space look bigger.

No matter the style or design you want for your ensuite space; we work with you to help you realise your dream ensuite. Our designers can implement effective narrow bathroom techniques such as installing a mirrored shaving cabinet into its own space without timber frame walls to help save space. Another narrow bathroom idea that can make your space look great is installing a power point inside your ensuite cabinet. This makes it possible for you to charge small items like cordless shavers and toothbrushes. We can help you live that modern life you desire to, regardless of the size of your space.

We can also help with every aspect of a narrow design, including wall tiling, floor design, waterproofing, and all other work that needs to be done. Thus, we help you save time since you do not have to hire different designers for different services. We guide you through the entire design process so that you can determine if there are certain changes you would like before commencing the project.

Gregory Built has vast experience in narrow and tight areas. Our long-standing reputation is based on delivering high-quality and practical ideas on a budget. Our high-quality work is supported by our past clients who were thoroughly satisfied with what our team offered.

From Colour Scheme to Shower Screen

Gregory Built is not just any bathroom renovation company. We know that every bathroom is personal. Thus, we are committed to delivering ensuite renovations customised to your individual needs. Our collaborative and customer-oriented approach ensures you receive renovation results that exceed your expectations. We offer stunning renovations with everything that property owners need today. Our showroom is fully equipped with all the accessories and products that you would like to install in your ensuite bathroom. All styles and designs are also available in our showroom, so you just need to select the one you would like to have in your space.

Gregory Built has designers who offer all types of bathroom renovations. Whether you want new mixer taps, mosaic tiles, porcelain tiles, freestanding baths, or any other grand bathroom features, our team can install them at a pocket friendly price. All you need to do is explain to our team the features you want installed and how you want the job done. We respectfully follow your ideas and give insights into how all these features will work perfectly in your space to improve the looks and functionality of your ensuite.

We have access to a vast collection of all the modern and trending bathroom products and accessories. Some of the high-quality accessories you get in our showroom include patterned tiles, glass showers, glass screens, and all types of tile designs. One of our designers can take you through all the accessories we have and guide you on the ones that will work perfectly for your space. If you would like some features that are designed specifically for your ensuite, we’ve got you covered. Our team can customise every feature and deliver a fully personalised ensuite bathroom space. Overall, there is no style, design, or accessory that you cannot get from Gregory Built.


For all your ensuite renovation needs, we are here for you. We project-manage your ensuite from start to finish and deliver on time, without exceeding your budget. More importantly, you deal directly with our team: no sub-contractors, sales representatives, or any middlemen. Our team coordinates the entire process to help you realise your dream ensuite. Needless to say, our team comprises experienced renovators who take pride in all the work they do. Contact us anytime, and you will not regret working with us.

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