Modern Bathrooms

Gregory Built provides a professional and complete bathroom renovations service, delivering high-quality results from concept to completion for our clients. 


Modern Living, Modern Design

If you desire a modern-looking bathroom in Adelaide, Gregory Built can provide you with the best design. Regardless of the size of your space, we can turn it into a contemporary and elegant place to relax. Our experienced design team can offer you a myriad of ideas to create the modern bathroom design of your dreams. We ensure that we create a space that depicts modern life and practicality, with a design that you will love. Our team strives to create modern designs that bring your vision to life. Our priority is to make the best from your space, creating a haven for peace and luxury.

As we work to create a modern bathroom for you, we focus on personalising it to depict your personality and lifestyle. Having a space that suits your style and personality is important. We perform thorough consultations with you to understand what you want in a bathroom. This enables us to create a perfect design to meet all your needs.  There is no rushing to complete your project. We take time to know all the modern features you want and answer all your questions. With our wealth of experience, our team can bring to life all the creative modern bathroom ideas that you've been imagining.

Once our designers fully understand how you want your modern bathroom to look, we begin working on a stylish design model. We make sure that you are updated from start to finish of the renovation process. Once our renovators are done with the initial assessment of your bathroom, we give you a new bathroom layout and design, and inform you of the scope of work involved. What’s great is that you are not obliged to accept the layout if it doesn’t meet your modern living standards. Our team is always ready to make the required changes to offer you 100 percent satisfaction. Even if you have the smallest bathroom, we can expertly improve it to give it a modern look and better functionality.

Bathroom Ideas Dreams Are Made Of

At Gregory Built, we can give you ideas to help you design the dream space you have always desired. We aim to give you a modern bathroom that you can be proud of. When you leave your project to us, you can sit down and relax, confident that the job is being handled by renovators with the right experience and skills. We listen to you so that our team can combine your ideas with ours to ensure we complete the job with utmost satisfaction. Our renovators give you a luxury bathroom incorporating modern designs and styles.

Our team of experts is always on your side to provide dream bathroom ideas during the design and installation stages. We allow you to choose all the products and accessories you want installed in your bathroom for a more customised design. We always ensure that we go by our clients’ taste and preference in the selection process. The best part is that you do not have to go shopping for these products and materials from different outlets. Our modern and virtual showrooms are equipped with a vast stock of modern accessories. You can do your shopping any time since we are always open. Plus, our modern bathroom designers will help you choose the accessories that suit your design needs and budget. All our collections are trendy and of high-quality.

We understand that coming up with ideas on how to create a dream bathroom can be stressful for you. This is where we come in with vast knowledge and experience in the field. We aim to make the entire process of renovating easy and enjoyable for you. Our team simplifies the entire process by guiding you through all the steps until that dream is realised. We have a wide range of inspiration moods from some of the modern projects we have previously worked on. These inspirations allow you to discover your unique style. If you have a clear vision of the ultimate bathroom you want to have, our designer helps mould those ideas into an aesthetically pleasing and functional modern bathroom design.

Modern Home, Modern Bathroom

When you work with us, we ensure that the bathroom we design contributes to making your entire home look modern too. Our team tailors all your requirements to suit your budget since we offer a wide range of packages. During the consultation process, we discuss all the limitations and possibilities. We ensure we understand how much you want to spend on your project to determine the ideas that will work perfectly for you. Based on this, we create a schedule and ensure that we provide you with a new modern bathroom depending on the timeline we give.

Gregory Built focuses on quality when working on all master baths in Adelaide. We partner with the best suppliers to provide you with the latest accessories, amenities, customised furnishings, and contemporary aesthetics that are timeless. With a bathroom specially renovated by us, your home will never lose its modern look.  From the time you contact us up to the time we complete your project, we focus on delivering a modern design matching your lifestyle. With the support of our latest CAD software and designers, we make sure you get optimum satisfaction from our work. Our showroom is also exquisitely modern as you can shop for any products and accessories you need virtually. You do not have to step out of your home or business to shop and make orders. Our designers will guide you through selecting the right accessories for your specific modern renovation.

Our team can bring a huge difference to your entire home, from big to small upgrades, by creating a contemporary bathroom with all the features you need. What’s more, our renovators expertly install all modern amenities such as accessories, modern tiling, baths, and showers while applying the right colour schemes to bring a new look into your space. Besides focusing on modernity, we also restore the comfort and functionality you need with our installation and interior design services. We can help add skylights, televisions, underfloor heating, and premium products such as marble and granite for a high-end finish. You can trust us to offer you a luxury designer bathroom rivaling the ones you find in high-end hotels in Adelaide.

We  focus on state-of-the-art styling when providing all our modern bathroom designs. We can help you pick high-quality and stylish accessories and décor to change your bathroom from shabby to chic. Our quality products and novel design transformations will bring your bathroom new life. We use modern inspiration ideas, contemporary techniques, and unmatched craftsmanship. All our design processes have been perfected through the years we have been in the modern bathroom renovation industry. This allows us to offer you a space you can enjoy for many years to come.

Bathrooms Designed With You in Mind

In all our bathroom renovations in Adelaide, we always have our customers at heart. It is our duty to ensure that we offer 100 percent satisfaction to all our clients. We have successfully remained the top renovators because of our customer-oriented approach. At Gregory Built, we consider customers as our core assets. When you contact us with your modern bathroom needs, one of our designers is always keen to listen. We prioritise your ideas before giving our insights on how we think you can realise that dream bathroom in a hassle-free way. From the start to the completion of your job, we maintain regular communication and feedback with you to ensure you are updated on your project’s progress. We also give you the opportunity to monitor the project so that you can be confident we are working well towards helping you achieve your dream bathroom.

Our customers have different budgets for their modern bathroom renovations projects.  This is why we always work according to your budget and offer the best results without sacrificing quality. We are known for being the best company that customises projects to fit our customers' budgets. If you feel that our costs are way beyond your budget allocation, our team always works with you to tailor our work to suit your budget.  We pride ourselves in having a transparent scope of work, so you will know the entire cost of your project right from the beginning because we give you a full quote after initial consultations and assessment.  You will never get surprised with extra charges at the end of the project.

Our team prioritises time management, so we always turn up on time and complete the work as scheduled during the consultation process. Our high-level efficiency and transparency have enabled us to build a strong client base in Adelaide because we always keep to our promises. Our services to you do not end when we complete working on your modern bathroom renovation. Afterwards, we offer you a final walkthrough to make sure that you are delighted and satisfied with the new bathroom. If any concern arises when our renovators have left, you can contact us for prompt resolution. This is the reason our customers continue to choose and recommend us for stress-free and fast modern bathroom transformations.

Your Design Ideas Become Reality

After a long day, you just want a place where you can unwind and pamper yourself. At Gregory Built, we turn your bathroom into a mini-haven where you can comfortably refresh yourself after a tiring day. Our excellent team has the ability to turn your bathroom design idea into a reality at a competitive price. No idea is too big or complex for us to bring to life. We perform renovations that breathe new life into your space and bring a modern vibe. You get a bathroom you would desire to use every day, multiple times a day. Even guests and other family members will be tempted to spend lots of time in your bathroom because of all its luxurious features.

Our modern renovations are focused on providing the best experience and results. We understand that beginning the renovation project is never easy. Our renovation experts specialise in offering your home a contemporary touch you will love, hassle-free. We ensure that we make the entire process memorable and easy. With our services, you will learn how simple ideas you may have for your bathroom can drastically improve the value and look of your home. Our designers know the ins and outs of modern bathrooms, so you can expect the best out of your renovation ideas.

Clients in Adelaide usually approach us with different modern bathroom renovation ideas and requirements. We listen to your ideas and employ our knowledge and skills to bring all of them into a reality. We know that each client is unique, so we treat all the ideas differently. Our team offers personalised guidance to make your ideas more realistic and practical. We assess your bathroom and then go through your ideas to determine how practical they are. If there are some ideas that may not be feasible in terms of your budget or needs, we give better insights for a more functional bathroom that allows you to live a modern life.

Whether you request significant or minor renovations, we provide you with ideas on the best modern materials from reputable manufacturers to use. You will love how all our processes are fully customised and streamlined. Our team gives you inspirational ideas to ensure that you enjoy an exciting experience with your new bathroom. All our services come with a guarantee, so you can rest assured that at the end of the project, you will receive that dream bathroom offering you real value for all the resources spent on it. The guarantee we provide to our clients is a clear indication of the confidence we have in the quality of our modern bathroom renovation projects.


At Gregory Built, we possess high-level experience you can trust. We have worked on thousands of modern bathroom renovation projects. Our team is highly efficient and friendly to work with from the start to finish of your project. For more information on why you should choose us, do not hesitate to call us at any time for free quotes and consultations.  One of our designers will always be there to help you begin the process to achieve your renovation goals.

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