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Gregory Built provides a professional and complete bathroom renovations service, delivering high-quality results from concept to completion for our clients. 


The Specialists in Modern Design

Is your bathroom looking and feeling outdated? Gregory Built is Adelaide’s specialist in modern design. If you want to ensure that your bathroom is no longer lacking function or style, we are at the forefront of creating unique and modern bathrooms to enrich your life. We do this by focusing on simplicity, comfort, and functionality. Our team can create a modern design that will motivate and inspire you to start your day, or allow you to unwind and relax after a tiring day.

When Experience Counts

Your Adelaide bathroom renovation journey starts when you contact our designer. One of our  designers meets with you to discuss all your design needs. At Gregory Built, we ensure you enjoy a fun and collaborative design process from start to finish. As a vastly experienced renovator in Adelaide, we listen to your needs, give you guidance, recommend products that suit your needs, and provide every detail of information you need to help create a fully personalised bathroom design.

We have the ability to show you a virtual design which allows you to go through all possibilities anytime and anywhere. You can also explore the portfolio of all designs from all recent projects done for our clients. Most of the designs are inspired by a clients’ personal needs, budget, and style.

Because our designers have years of skills and experience in the industry, we understand exactly what is needed to achieve impeccable results. We come to you and discuss a design, which makes the process simple, fast, and less stressful.

When you meet with your designer, you can discuss your budget and specific needs to ensure you get a fully customised bathroom. Our team is friendly and easy going, so you can discuss and ask all the questions you need to ensure you get your dream bathroom.

Masters in Premium Design

With a team of fully qualified, accredited, and experienced tradespeople, you can expect premium designs. We use the latest design tools and technology to help all our clients design and build bathrooms regardless of their budgets, styles, and tastes.

Our modern bathrooms are defined by clean lines, minimalism, free space, smooth finishes, and neutrality. We offer solutions that create a lifestyle statement. Our clever storage solutions featur contemporary fittings and furnishings. We want you to have a bathroom experience where you can wash your stress and worries away.

At Gregory Built, we apply the latest design software to develop amazing and fully functional spaces. Celebrating an integration of traditional and bold design, we can offer you fully customised designs showcasing your personality and lifestyle. To visualise how your bathroom will look, get in touch to discuss the process.

Our team brings beauty and safety together with amazing up-to-date features to complement your home. By adding a sense of light mixed with glamorous features, this helps to create a bathroom that reflects the style of your entire home. If you want a fully personalised design matching the look of your entire home, Gregory Built has you covered. All you need to do is let us assist you in letting your imagination run wild. Our team only offers premium bathroom designs that always go beyond our clients’ expectations.

We handle each aspect of your complete renovation. From flooring and bathtub, to cabinetry and shower screens. Each step of the renovation is created and planned depending on your specific needs. Whether you want small improvements to maximise your limited space, or want a luxury oasis where you can sit and relax. Our team creates premium designs, with your dream features and layout at its heart.

Designed to Delight

At Gregory Built, we keep up with the latest trends. So, whether you want timeless, contemporary, romantic, or elegant design, you will definitely love our work. Custom design is an integral part of our procedure. So, if you want a design with specific features, we can happily provide that for you.

Regardless of how you want to renovate your bathroom, let us hear your dream of what you need to fully make it yours. With Gregory Built, your renovation will feel as if you are working with your closest friend. We ensure you feel at ease when sharing your goals, and when we are in your home working on your project.

Whether you simply want some inspiration from our virtual showroom display, or a full bathroom renovation, there is no job too big or small. Our experienced team can guide you through to ensure you get a design that will make you happy. We have extensive product knowledge and a large network of premium suppliers to select from. Thus, we can help you pick high-quality products to suit your design, style, and budget.

We believe using your bathroom should bring you happiness. This is why our home renovations designer aims to transform your bathroom into a more functional and elegant space. We make all things possible. From adding elegant mirrors and tiles, to modern lighting fixtures and fittings to transform the overall appearance of your home. Gregory Built only uses long-lasting, timeless products to offer you a clean and awe inspiring look and feel.

As professional renovators with years of experience, we ensure that every aspect is carefully planned with your budget in mind. If you want a bathroom designed to delight, look no further.

Function and Form From Start to Finish

We understand that no matter the size or look of your home, the bathroom is one of the most cherished spaces. At Gregory Built, we are committed to providing a fully functional and elegant design to improve the overall appeal and value of your home. When we are planning your fitout, we make an effort to provide you with all the details in terms of form and function, from start to finish. We consider function and form to be some of the most vital aspects of any premium quality bathroom.

We maximise the available space to ensure you have enough space with a sense of freedom. Each element in your home should serve the right purpose to improve efficiency. Our team ensures that your space becomes a place where you can go to rejuvenate and relax. We help design a floor layout that maximises the potential of your space. With the right storage and many other vital features, you will have a bathroom with better efficiency and flow.

At Gregory Built, we know that your home should showcase your lifestyle. But your bathroom should also act as your own private oasis. To improve your bathroom experience, we help you to select details and elements reflecting your personality. For instance, if you want to have a muted and calm mood, our experts create a spa-inspired design. On the other hand, if you are a loud and bold character, we use sleek lines and bold colours that suit your style.

Working with Gregory Built can help you get the most from your bathroom. You can count on us to provide unique results and satisfy your needs.
Call us today to learn more about our how we can help you turn your bathroom dreams into reality.

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