Designer Bathrooms

Gregory Built provides a professional and complete bathroom renovations service, delivering high-quality results from concept to completion for our clients. 


Master Bathrooms, Designer Quality

If you want an exquisitely designed master bathroom in Adelaide, Gregory Built is the go-to company for all your needs. With the ability to offer you a master bathroom with all your desired features, we have vast experience which you can trust with the finer details. We offer you peace of mind by incorporating everything from electrical, design, plumbing, tiling, and waterproofing. Our team can customise accessories, freestanding baths, vanities, and all other accessories to match your décor and lifestyle. Thanks to our years of expertise, we have learnt how to create bathrooms with very organised, and user friendly storage. We only apply finishes and colours which complement our clients' desired design.

At Gregory Built, we offer all types of designer bathroom styles. Whether you need a contemporary, simplistic or practical everyday design, or any other style that suits your lifestyle, our team can offer you the best solution. We tactfully remodel spaces using the pinnacle of design and performance to deliver something extraordinary every time. We offer a master bathrooms rich in style and sophistication that your entire family and guests will quickly fall in love with. You can confidently rely on the quality of our designs and the materials we use in your master bathroom renovations. Combined with our vast know-how and latest in renovation technology, you can expect an impressive design which will add value to your entire home. Since we are always available for our clients, you will be able to keep up to date with what stage your build is at. This also means you can trust our bathroom designers to get back to you with any concerns you may have with your design, to give you peace of mind.

At Gregory Built, we do not simply follow the latest designs and colours. Our team has the ability to set new master bathroom trends for you. Our renovators are dedicated to providing premium  designs that are to die for. All our trendy designs are timeless, so you can enjoy your master bathroom without ever having to consider further renovations. We make sure to only work with high-quality designs that capture today's essence that will stand the test of time.

Simply Beautiful

For a beautiful and extraordinary designer bathroom in Adelaide, entrust your project with Gregory Built. We stand out from the crowd due to our ability to create beautiful designer bathrooms at the lowest possible cost. Our company is used to working with any budget and specific client situation, to design the most elegant custom bathrooms in Adelaide, SA. Our team promises stunning results for both classic and contemporary master bathrooms. Let us show you our collection and portfolio of the most cutting-edge designs, materials, and colours on offer. Together we can achieve an amazing design that will suit your specific needs.

At Gregory Built, we work with you from the outset to enable you to bring your dreams to life. We also give you inspirational ideas on how you can create a beautiful bathroom and home. Let us show you some of our latest projects, which can inspire your own design. We can individually create a solution to suit any customers' personal needs and styles. You can always expect phenomenal results from our renovators at the most affordable price in Adelaide.

Our team helps bring together the most outstanding classic and contemporary designer bathroom styling into a single cohesive package. Whether you're a fan of classics or want your own personalised design with the latest master bathroom décor, we are always ready to help. Our team works tirelessly to bring all your creative ideas to life.

We specialise in offering beautiful custom master bathroom solutions for your unique tastes and needs. If you want to upgrade your bathroom, our team is always ready to meet your expectations by working with you to help realise your ideas for your Adelaide home renovations. Regardless of the budget you have, we can offer you the perfect solutions. There’s no need to hesitate to get in touch even if you have a small budget. Our team will tailor your bathroom renovation to suit your budget without compromising on quality. In the case you want to discuss your options with one of our renovators, feel free to get in touch.

Your Bathroom Design Ideas Brought to Life

With a wealth of experience in the industry, our respected bathroom renovators can help bring all your ideas to life. All our renovators love what they do, so you can expect the best from them as you exchange ideas. Each of our bathroom renovators are recruited carefully and trained to ensure that the quality of their work matches our exact standards. In particular, we have a reputation for working with top brands, so you can expect to get the highest quality materials from our bathroom showroom. From our high-quality customer service, provision of realistic ideas, and understanding our clients' expectations, this is what make us the first choice of clients in Adelaide.

When you opt to work with Gregory Built, you can be assured of getting top-notch service from a dedicated team. Our specialists strive to look for the best master bathroom design ideas suiting your budget and requirements. We strongly believe that all our clients should own their dream bathrooms without straining their budgets. This is why we provide master bathroom design ideas within your budget reach.

Our skilled renovators are among the most renowned craftsmen in Adelaide.  We can handle all jobs from complete master renovations, to minor renovations, and even an entirely new master bathroom built for you.  Our reputation in providing the best modern and new designer bathroom styles is unmatched. Should you dream of owning a cutting-edge master bathroom, our team has the expertise and knowledge to design one for you based on your ideas.

We can help turn your ideas into a master bathroom design that is sure to add significant value to your property.  We take great care when installing new features such as pendant lights, mosaic tiles, soaking tubs, white walls, white tiles, and other accessories.  Simply let us know how you want your bathroom to look, and we will install these features according to your specifications. Our renovators also give you ideas on the best styles and brands of designer bathroom accessories that will make your space look superb.

Ensuite Renovations To Suit Your Needs

For all your ensuite renovations in Adelaide, Gregory Built has got you covered. We can perform remarkable ensuite renovations at a fraction of the price you may think that the work may cost. If your ensuite bathroom is outdated and needs an upgrade, our qualified team can help make it look modern and new. There's no need to be sceptical about the size of your bathroom; our renovators comfortably perform any job regardless of the complexity or the size. Our aim is to provide you with an ensuite bathroom that looks modest and luxurious according to your own specifications.

At Gregory Built, we realise that having an ensuite bathroom is becoming a basic need in many properties. Thus, we have a team of bathroom and laundry renovations specialists who work specifically on ensuite renovations. Our highly specialised team offer a wide range of ensuite renovation services to all our clients. We ensure that we offer you a fully functional ensuite that allows you to indulge in a more relaxing and enjoyable space. We replace and install new features such as tiling, bathtubs, lightings, exhaust fans, glass doors, subway tiles, and walk-in tubs, among others, to enhance the functionality of your bathroom ensuite.

We give priority to your needs when renovating your ensuite, and work to ensure that your ideas become a reality at the most affordable price. When most people think about renovating their ensuite, they focus on appearance.  Appearance indeed is one of the most critical factors in any ensuite renovation, but this is not all that Gregory Built offers.  Our team provides high-quality services that make your ensuite safer, add more storage and space, enhance energy efficiency, increase your property value, and improve the overall functionality of your space. Thus, as we plan your ensuite renovation, we ensure we collaborate with you to understand what you desire to achieve with your new space.  This way, we offer you personalised renovations that will make you proud of your ensuite bathroom. In addition, our team can help you choose the right colour scheme to match your needs. For instance, if you want to make your ensuite feel bigger, light neutral colours will work best for you.

Contemporary Design

If you have a modern home, you also deserve to have a contemporary bathroom. This helps ensure that your entire home exudes a modern look you can show off to your guests. Our team can effortlessly transform any outdated and dull bathroom to make it look modern and chic. Since your bathroom is a critical part of your home, you definitely want it to be trendy. At Gregory Built, we are always on your side to ensure that you move with current and future trends. Thus, we install trendy and contemporary accessories for a more modern look and enhanced functionality.

For the years we have offered our contemporary design solutions, we have secured numerous clients because of our high-quality and efficient renovations. You can take advantage of our collective experience to achieve your dream bathroom. Our designers guide you from the start to the end of the project. Ultimately, we give you inspiration on the best way to renovate your home and give it a more contemporary and trendy look. We can help you with contemporary designs and accessories you may wish to install in your newly renovated bathroom. As we're always there to guide you, your dream bathroom design is just around the corner.

When you search for designs, you will find that there are various contemporary bathroom styles. Not all of them will work for your particular space. This is why our designers take it as their primary duty to guide and give you ideas on the style that suits your bathroom. When you hire us, we view your project as our own. Thus, we strive to give you a contemporary design that we can be proud of, as if it was ours. As we sincerely want you to be happy and recommend us to other property owners in Adelaide, you can expect maximum satisfaction from us.


Gregory Built is the ultimate contemporary bathroom renovator in Adelaide. You do not want to be left behind as others reach out to us to give their bathrooms new life. We are just a phone call away. You can contact us anytime with your needs and have our team help you realise your dream designer bathroom.

We're looking forward to renovating your bathroom next.

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