Bathroom Showrooms

Gregory Built provides a professional and complete bathroom renovations service, delivering high-quality results from concept to completion for our clients. 


A Top-Notch Bathroom Showroom Style Experience

When you decide to carry out bathroom renovations, you need both real and virtual inspiration to help you decide the best way to go about the task. Even where you will delegate the job to your contractor, you need to choose a style that will not just excite members of your family but suit your lifestyle.

To achieve your dream bathroom, you need to explore either a real or virtual showroom. At Gregory Built, we will give you a showroom experience to help you choose a style that pleases or matches your home.

Having a real or virtual view of different bathrooms is critical and could help you choose one that serves your needs. At Gregory Built, we have created a showroom with a collection of pieces to help you select a design that best serves your needs. We will allow you to immerse yourself in a virtual showroom to help you embark on the renovation journey.

A Seamless Selection Process

Gregory Built allows you to sample the latest trends in not just Adelaide, but across Australia. Our showroom style selection process is intended to make the decision making for your new space easy and hassle-free.

If you’re daunted about making decisions for your new Adelaide bathroom, we have a system in place to help you, and make your choices easier. All our products are categorised to make decision making stress-free and easy. This allows you to easily pick a design that both pleases your aesthetic desires and is practical.

We’ll give you the chance to look at all of our creative concepts, so you can hand-pick aspects of your design that will both inspire and make your selection process easier. If you happen to find it difficult to make your selection, our team of designers will be there to help you. Gregory Built is an experienced renovation company with products that can bring your dreams to life.

We will guide you through every step of the way, which means a seamless experience, specialised personal service and only the best results.

Accessories You Desire

It does not matter whether you are carrying out a major or minor renovation. Our showroom features quality accessories to ensure that you get nothing but the best. Some of the bathroom accessories you are likely to get include towel rails, shower arms, soap dispensers and mirror cabinets, among others.

We source our products in large quantities from reputable brands. It means that you are likely to enjoy reduced prices due to economies of scale. Also, our on-site experience allows us to carry out renovations at a reduced budget. We customise accessories and fittings to your desires.

From Shower Screens To Shaving Cabinets

Our virtual bathroom showroom features everything you need to make your space beautiful, even when faced with complex bathroom architecture. We have a range of affordable quality products that you can use to complete your renovations. This allows you to do your decision making under one roof and choose any design from classic to contemporary.

We have a wide range of cabinets, counter basins, basin mixers, shower screens, wall-hung vanities, spa baths and shaving cabinets. For customised products, we take measurements and your input to help improve your bathroom's functionality. It’s these small details that will help to enhance the value of your home.

Your Virtual Showroom

At Gregory Built, we use specialist software to help create functional and breathtaking spaces. We are the leading bathroom renovator in Adelaide, and are proven experts capable of creating a 3D virtual model of a selected design. This allows our clients to envisage how their bathroom will look after installing chosen accessories, fixtures and fittings. Our clients are free to select products based on their style and budget.

Our Boutique Bathroom Designs

If you’re interested in a luxurious and inviting space to call your own, be sure to get in touch with Gregory Built. We are a proven Adelaide renovator that uses high-quality materials to carry out all our bathroom renovations. Our aim is to always provide you with a luxurious bathroom while increasing the value of your home.

Gregory Built is an all-around renovation company that has been providing complete renovation services for years. Whether you are interested in a small ensuite or a luxury spa style experience, we have a team of experts committed to enabling you own the best design using the best available resources.

Our boutique designs combine smart functionality and luxury with relaxation in mind. Contact us to get a feel for our boutique bathroom possibilities and experience a virtual design that allows you to visualise what your new bathroom could look like.

Basin Mixers

Basin mixers are the perfect solution to modernise the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. Our bathroom showroom has a wide range of basin mixers from reputable brands. You can pick any brand depending on your taste, preference, and budget.

Floor Grates

Check out our range of high-quality floor grates for your bathroom from different brands. They are all made from premium materials and designed to last.

Freestanding Baths

Take your bathing experience to greater heights by shopping for the best freestanding baths from our virtual showroom. These baths are very stylistic, giving your bathroom a more unique and contemporary look.

Shower Heads

In our showroom, you get a variety of showerheads to suit all bathrooms regardless of size or design. We help you make an informed choice on the best shower heads to help you complete your bathroom renovations successfully.

To check out the latest products from top manufacturers, kindly speak to one of our designers.  You can visit us virtually in the comfort of your home.  We can help you transform your bathroom to reflect your lifestyle and personality. Simply call us, and one of our experts in Adelaide will help you get started.

We're looking forward to renovating your bathroom next.

All your bathroom needs covered.

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Bathroom Showrooms

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