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Beautiful Small Bathroom Ideas

Bathrooms are the most common parts of a building that undergo renovations after kitchens. Homeowners consider bathroom renovations very seriously, and for a good reason. It is the space where people go to relax and freshen up.

Bathrooms come in different sizes. Some homes have large ones while others make do with small bathroom spaces. Doing renovations in small areas can be tricky, so you have to adjust it carefully to meet your needs. We have gathered some ideas for remodelling your small bathroom so that you can use the area thoroughly.

Things To Note Before You Start Renovating

  • Bathrooms are a critical part of the home.
  • A little touch of creativity can help you make the most use of available space.
  • Start by thinking about how you will provide storage space.
  • Make sure that you do not overfill the area.
  • The room should not overwhelm the eyes.
  • A small space should not limit ideas and creativity.

NOTE: Follow the tips below for a stylish, up-to-date, and functional small bathroom space while staying within the budget.

Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Here are some helpful tips for creating the illusion of a bigger space in your bathroom. These are from some design experts and people who've tried them in their own homes. They're not just theoretical, but they're based on real-world experience.

Remove the bathtub

Bathtubs are the most elite part of any bathroom. They are great and functional for every person at home, from a baby to older folk. Bathtubs are therapeutic, but they are only suitable for sprawling master bathrooms where space is not a problem.

Bathtubs occupy an extensive area, and removing them from your small bathroom can give you a lot of free space. It can open up many other options for you. The bathtub is a space hog, and removing it from your renovation plan can be beneficial.

You can add a separate shower unit in its place instead. It can expand the space, make the bathroom look spacious, and free up the space to work on floor plans. A shower unit is better than a bathtub when working in the guest bathroom.

Open up areas with natural light

When working on a tiny bathroom remodelling, consider the shower unit a significant part. Pay special attention when you plan or work on this part. The shower enclosure should be clear with clean tiles and minimised material. The shower area should not look very small and claustrophobic.

Use a material that allows light to pass through it. Glass can be beneficial instead of drywall and tiles. You can keep open enclosures for the sides and door. Clearer options will let the reflection of light in the bathroom give it a brighter, shinier, and more comprehensive look. Back and forth passing of natural light gives a feeling of airy openness in the bathroom.

When selecting the glass for the shower unit, it is better to get a clear glass instead of a frosted one. Clear glass opens up the area because it almost disappears. It feels like an additional square foot is added to the bathroom.

However, when you install a glass shower screen, it is then a duty to keep it clean so that the clear glass benefits are maximised. A properly cleaned clear glass gives a minimalist visual style adding to the beauty of the bathroom.

Get niche with design

Built-in cabinets and storage spaces are everyday things in larger bathrooms. However, these are rare when it comes to a small bathroom. You have to be as creative as you can with every major or minor area of your bathroom. Whether it is the shower area or the storage, find ways to use available space in a minimalistic way.

The more creative you are, the more functional your bathroom gets. The goal is to look for the bathroom's unused or least-used areas and use them as storage spaces. Getting a niche in the shower wall adds a suitable storage area and helps you keep your hygiene and other personal products hidden from the world.

The shower niche should coordinate with the bathroom tiles in the shower area. You might hire some professional bathroom designers or ask a friend who is good at this job for some clever ideas and advice.

The skilled workers can help you with the style, design, corresponding fixtures, selection of material, and many other things. They can help you bring your bathroom vision to life and keep it looking cleaner and more prominent to the eyes.

Add more lighting

Small bathrooms often feel like small, dark, and overstuffed closets in homes with no proper lighting. Consider lights as your friend when you plan a bathroom remodel. The more the lights, the better the overall look of the bathroom. First of all, try to let in as much natural light as possible.

If the area is too small for windows, you can have a skylight in the bathroom. It is an excellent source of natural light in a crowded place and maintains privacy. You can retrofit the skylights easily by giving them access to the roof and attic space. Tubular skylights are a good alternative if the top is small for skylights.

Vanity lights are also great for use in the bathroom. You should install the vanity lights above the sink or medicine cabinet. They will complete the task of lighting while washing up or brushing teeth and add a beautiful design element to the bathroom.

Add more and more lights to the bathroom. They will enhance the paint and give the bathroom an airy and open feel. Do not hesitate to keep the bathroom enlightened and let them brighten up the small space.

Use faux candles

You can add fake candles or battery-powered LED wax pillars to create a candle-like effect in the bathroom. It will provide instant ambiance to your bathroom and make it look bigger without any fire hazards.

Add more and more lights to the bathroom. They will enhance the paint and give the bathroom an airy and open feel. Do not hesitate to keep the bathroom enlightened and let them brighten up the small space.

Be creative with the wallpaper

You can add colours to your bathroom and make it appear a bit bigger than its actual size. You can show some creativity with the wallpaper by choosing patterns with coated wallpaper.

Such wallpapers are generally easy to clean, and they can even tolerate a high level of humidity. One of the great options for your bathroom wallpaper is that you can use peel and stick papers to make a graphic design of your own choice.

Use bold colours

This advice might sound ridiculous to you, but this is the most useful one. When remodelling a small space, consider colours as your best friends. Don't be afraid to experiment with bold colours as well. Selecting bold and bright colours in a tight bathroom area would be better.

To clarify our point here, bold does not mean choosing darker colours. A more radiant and beautiful look is possible when you select bold but light colours for your bathroom. They will reflect the natural and artificial light present in the space already. Hence, the area feels warmer and wide open.

Light colours generally give a soothing effect. They make you feel relaxed, and your bathroom looks less congested or confined. They provide an illusion of a valuable commodity in a small space. You can design the bathroom by mixing and matching the right tones of such colours and enhancing the look.

Make creative use of vertical space

When you have a smaller area for the bathroom, you should plan all the renovations vertically. Thinking of space vertically makes it easier to accommodate all the stuff and makes the room look open, bright, and expansive. Many well-known designers plan the bathrooms vertically with a small space because a vertical setup makes the area look more prominent.

To make your space look vertically extensive, you can hang curtains from ceilings to the floor. Patterned wallpapers and printed stripes are also quite helpful in serving the purpose. You should select rectangular subway-style ceramic tiles when you plan to remodel the space vertically. They will appear as tall, thin pieces, giving a more comprehensive, open look.

Replace swinging doors with pocket doors

The best option to give an elegant and spacious look to your bathroom is to replace the regular swinging door with a pocket door. Pocket doors are versatile, and they function by sliding into the wall. The most significant advantage of pocket doors is that they allow you to regain all the space that you would have lost in the case of a hinged door.

Hinged doors need a specific area in the wall as their radius to open and close. However, pocket doors are pretty helpful as they occupy less space and do not require an extra area for a radius. They help create a larger space and allow improved flow when they are hidden in their pocket.

Pocket doors give a streamlined look to the bathroom. Pocket doors are not particularly popular among people nowadays. Such entrances were famous in the late 1800s in Victorian culture, giving a unique and antique look to the space if you choose them.

Minimise the number of products in your space

The key to making your small bathroom look better and more significant is not to clutter with unnecessary items. Otherwise, your space will not feel like a bathroom but rather like an overwhelming closet. Cluttering creates a feeling of congestion.

It is always better to select products carefully and keep the ones you use regularly. Remove extra toiletries from the shower unit. If you have to keep some additional items in the bathroom, use storage bins or baskets for this purpose.

Install a giant mirror to add depth to your space

A large mirror on the wall can be your friend when you want to give an illusion of a larger and broader area in the bathroom. Reflecting mirrors will add light to the room. Place the mirror opposite a window or next to a light source. The mirror will harness any available daylight and spread it in the entire area.

The bigger the mirror you choose, the brighter and more extensive the space will look. Select a focal point and adjust your mirror at its angle to give an illusion of depth in the bathroom.

When selecting a mirror, ensure it does not feature a fancy frame for a big one. Since you have a smaller area for the bathroom, a fancy frame will occupy a lot of space. Buy a decent, small, and straightforward frame that goes well with the bathroom ceiling, walls, and floor theme.

Install a floating shelf and basin sink

Decorative floating shelves are an excellent idea for adding both beauty and storage space to your bathroom. It can be glass or solid material that matches the tiles and theme of the bathroom. Ensure that you do not fill up the shelves with too many items.

Keep it minimal and subtle to achieve a beautiful look. A floating sink is also great because it occupies less space. The installation is on the wall, so the floor area beneath the basin sink is accessible for storage. You can leave that free space empty to make yourself look big.

A plain floor area also gives a feeling of spaciousness in the bathroom. Your basin sink is only for cleaning purposes. Do not crowd it up with your skincare or other beauty products. You can keep one or two necessary items on the sides but free the basin.

Get towel bars

Towel bars are pretty helpful, especially in small bathrooms. They create space for storage and hangings while occupying a tiny space themselves. You can add towels, decorative linens, bathrobes, or even use them to hang clothes. Towel bars are excellent space savers.

You can add hooks and a bar to hang storage bins and baskets. In this way, you can get a lot of storage space in the same area. You can achieve an even sleeker look in your small bathroom if you get a washstand basin to use with the towel bar. If you turn the towels into decorative accents with a row of pegs, they can help in adding a classic look to your bathroom.

Try a mixed material floor

While this option might not sound as modern as you want your bathroom to look, it actually is a great idea to give a unique look to your small bathroom. Do not fear to add variety underfoot by combining various textures. For example, pebble tile around the bathtub and wood plank surrounding it can give the small area a beautiful and elegant look.

Vinyl composition tiles are much better and less expensive than ceramic tiles. They are durable and available in a variety of patterns and designs. You can even use a vinyl cutter to slice a 30 cm tile into smaller pieces to make some type of design.

Seek Help From Expert Bathroom Renovators

We did our best to provide information that will help you organise your small bathroom. However, do not limit your creativity to the ideas we have listed here. There are copious other options as well that can make your small bathroom look bigger, more organised, and attractive.

In short, you need to think with a creative mind and stop worrying about the small space. You can give a brighter look with the help of lights. It is possible to add a broader look by using big mirrors on walls.

Feel free to mix and match themes to expand the space by considering these bathroom ideas for your renovation. You can also hire professional assistance from interior designers or bathroom renovation specialists if you are afraid of performing the task yourself.